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Pipe Flocculator

by FRC Systems International, LLC

The F Series Flocculator is a Plug Flow Reactor (PFR) type coagulation/flocculation system, consisting of a long serpentine pipe of a specific length and diameter. The term 'plug flow' refers to the fact that retention time and/or mixing energy is constant in any given cross section of the pipe. As such, all particles are subjected to the same ...

Horizontal and Vertical Flocculators

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.

WesTech Flocculators are custom designed for all your flocculation needs. Energy is transferred into water through the use of paddle wheels which promote particle agglomeration to form large, fast-settling floc particles. Typically the process applies tapered flocculation to the inlet stream, where the first stage has high energy input (velocity ...

Paddle Wheel Type Flocculator

by Napier-Reid Ltd.

Paddle wheel flocculators rotate at low rpm and dissipate energy into water. They enhance the process of flocculation by promoting agglomeration of the flocs. Based on the configuration, the paddle flocculator can be classified as Vertical paddle-wheel flocculator and Horizontal paddle-wheel flocculator. Napier Reid designs and manufactures both ...

DEWA - Model F-M - Sludge Conditioners (Flocculators)

by DWT Group Oy

This equipment has been designed to be used in flock formation prior to sludge thickening and dewatering. The DEWA F-M flocculator is equipped with a paddle stirrer which can be easily regulated to work between 20-100 rpm. Different tank volumes are available according to the sludge feed rate. All parts are made of stainless steel materials.

Chromatography Spares - Model JT40E/JT60E - Digital Flocculator for Water Analysis

by Chromatography Spares

Digital flocculator for water analysis of water of 6 or 4 places. Speed controlled by microprocessor. Smooth and progressive start and stop. Digital display LCD backlighted indicating the selected and actual speed and timer (audible alarm). Membrane push-button control. Memory for 2 different speed values, changing between each one just with one ...

Flocculating Clarifier

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.

Designed similar to standard clarifiers, but with a larger feedwell or flocculation well, WesTech Flocculating Clarifiers are highly efficient as final clarifiers, polishing clarifiers, tertiary clarifiers, and in water treatment applications. Mechanical flocculators operate within the flocculation well to enhance settling. These are driven by a ...

Backwash Clarifier

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.

WesTech builds highly efficient Backwash Clarifiers for continuous feed, surge capacity fill, and decant applications. In the continuous feed design, where the feed comes from an equalization system, WesTech offers many options, including rake arms, flocculation, inclined plates, and tube settlers. In the surge capacity fill and decant ...

Sludge Scraper Bridge


Sludge scraper bridge: Under the effect of the slow and continuous rotation, the sludge scraper bridge conveys the decanted sludge through the sludge scraper blades to a central tank at the bottom of the basin and hence, extracted through systems like immersion pumps, telescopic valve, spillway, etc. The sludge scraper bridge can also be fitted ...

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