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Excellion™ - Ion-Exchange Membranes

by SnowPure Water Technologies

SnowPure's Excellion ion-exchange membranes are uniquely designed for e-coat paints, electrodialysis (ED), electrochemical separations, deionization processes, and are used in SnowPure’s own electrodeionization (EDI) modules.

Nitrate Removal

by Napier-Reid Ltd.

Nitrate is a toxic contaminant often found in underground water sources, it usually comes from decomposition of nitrate containing waste material such as fertilizers. Strong Base Anion (SBA) Type I or II resins are habitually used for nitrate removal. A nitrate selective resin should also be used in order to avoid sulfate selection conflicts. ...

Eco-Tec RecoPur - Ion Exchange Water Softener

by Eco-Tec Inc.

RecoPur Produced Water Softeners outperform conventional systems and addresses serious concerns for oil producers, such as: Safety and costs related to handling acid and caustic often used for regeneration of produced water softeners. High chemical (salt, acid and caustic) consumption due to the limitations of conventional ion-exchange softener ...

WWE - Ion Exchange Systems

by Water & Wastewater Equipment Company

The ion exchange process percolates water through bead-like spherical resin materials (ion-exchange resins). Ions in the water are exchanged for other ions fixed to the beads. The two most common ion-exchange methods are softening and deionization. Softening is used primarily as a pretreatment method to reduce water hardness prior to reverse ...

Model EDI Series - Ion Exchange Unit

by Aqua Damas

EDI systems from Aqua Damas deliver reliable, low-cost ultrapure water (up to 18MOhm-cm Resistivity) for multiple applications.Our E-Cell technology removes not only residual salts but ionizable aqueous species, such as carbon dioxide, silica, ammonia and boron. The systems operate chemical free, achieve 95 percent water recovery and consume only ...

Ion Exchange Resins

by TrisKem International SAS

TrisKem International provides analytical grade anion and cation exchange resins as well as specialty chelating ionexchange resins. TrisKem is further reselling several PAN based specialty ion exchange resins such as MnO-PAN, AMP-PAN and KNiFC-PAN developed by Dr. Šebesta from the Technical University in Prague.

Ion –Exchange Units

by Swift Tech Engineers (India) Private Limited.

SWIFT TECH ion-exchange systems are used in industrial and utility power plants for the removal of dissolved mineral from water. SWIFT TECH designs two bed, three bed, four bed, layered bed and mixed bed units for a variety of application based on feed water conditions. SWIFT TECH offers counter current and  thoroughfare regeneration systems ...

Model SAX - Columns

by Separation Methods Technologies Inc

SMT-SAX columns are silica-based Strong Anion eXchange packing developed for separation of anionic compounds.  SMT-SAX packings consist of chemically attached hydrophilic surface derivatized to form quaternary amine.  The technique of SAM is used in the bonding process to significantly increase the functional ligand density.

Lenntech - Model LT Compact Series - Ion Exchange for Softeners

by Lenntech Water Treatment

The Lenntech softeners from the LT-compact series use ion exchange to soften the water. The compact series have a compact size, all in one layout and are available with resin columns from 10L to 30l.

Ion Exchange

by Global Aqua Technologies Co. Ltd. (GATCO)

Ion exchange is an exchange of ions between two electrolytes or between an electrolyte solution and a complex. In most cases the term is used to denote the processes of purification, separation, and decontamination of aqueous and other ion-containing solutions with solid polymeric or mineralic 'ion exchangers'. Ion exchange resin beads. Typical ...

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