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DULCOTEST - Ozone Sensors

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

DULCOTEST Ozone sensors are designed for a measuring range of 0 to 2 mg/l. They are also used in connection with ProMinent Ozone generation plants.

OZAT - Model CFS Series - Second Generation Compact Ozone Generators

by Ozonia North America, Inc.

The OZAT CFS range is Ozonia's answer for small to medium sized ozone applications. The design is based on feedback from hundreds of operators and includes the latest technology to ensure continuous operation at full load in industrial environments.

BiOzone - Laboratory Medical Ozone Generation System

by BiOzone

The BiOzone partnership has been building ozone generators for a variety of industries since 1983. The major component of our laboratory medical treatment system is the ozonator, which is built to your specifications. The laboratory medical ozone generator is assembled from high quality material, solid state electronics, and mechanical parts ...

Model G-Sapphire P Series - Ozone Generator

by Air Tree Ozone Technology Co.

G-Sapphire P series is an air-cooled, modular ozone generator, with built-in oxygen concentrator for feed gas. With oxygen concentrator, ozone generation tubes, cooling system and microprocessor controlled power supply, the ozone generator is in very compact. Each module contains at least one ozone generation tube. Ozone is formed between the ...

Ozone - Model XF Vessels Series - Generation Equipment With MODIPAC Power Supply Units

by Ozonia North America, Inc.

The XF range of ozone generators is Ozonia's latest development that will set new standards for ozone production world-wide.Not only has the Ozonia research team established a new calculation basis for the vessel design they have also developed a completely new dielectric technology that will compliment the phenomenally successful “AT ...

Model Horizon Series - Ozone Generators

by Pacific Ozone Technology Inc.

The Horizon Series integrated ozone systems eliminate the complexity of integrating the four critical elements of ozone systems: feed gas preparation/oxygen concentration, ozone generation, mass transfer, and complete process control. All Horizon Series seamlessly combine these elements into stainless steel skid-based packages designed to address ...

Model D-Matrix TW Series (TW-025, TW-050 & TW-100) - Ozone Generator

by Air Tree Ozone Technology Co.

D-Matrix TW series ozone generator of AirTree is oxygen-fed, which comprises of assembled ozone generation tube modules and high frequency power supply electronic circuit units to drive each module. Total ozone production is the sum of the output of individual modules. The cooling system is water-cooled and the cooling water internally circulates ...

Model A Series (A-20 & A-40) - Ozone Generator

by Air Tree Ozone Technology Co.

A series is an air-cooled, air-fed ozone generator with an external air supply system. The unit is designed to withstand harsh outdoor condition at a location that is not suitable for oxygen. The double quartz ozone generation tubes of A series are 60 cm in length. Ozone is formed between the surfaces of double quartz tubes so that no metallic ...

OZAT - Model CFS-2G - Compact Ozone Generators

by Lenntech Water Treatment

The best solution to produce ozone at high concentration in air or oxygen for small ozone applications

Jenfitch - Model JC 9450 - Liquid Ozone - Oxygen Concentrator


Conventional treatment protocols for municipal water and waste water treatment are not able to eliminate biologic growth in filtration systems, on ultraviolet systems, nor within distribution systems. Chemical applications are not able to address the biologic and chemical contaminants in many industrial waste streams. The technology of ...

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