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Oxiperm 166

by Grundfos Alldos     based in Reinach, SWITZERLAND

Automatic chlorine dioxide compact system Oxiperm 166. The liquid/gas systems Oxiperm 166 operate according to the proven chlorite/chlorine principle. They have stat-of-the art sensors and a PLC with interactive graphics display. Design versions and capacity spectrum. Depending on your application, you can select 6 performances stages for your ...

Klorigen - Model K-Series - On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

by Electrolytic Technologies Corporation     based in North Miami Beach, FLORIDA (USA)

Klorigen modularized generators safely and cost effectively produce chlorine gas, sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite at the point-of-use in system configurations with output volumes ranging from 100 to 2,500 lbs per day. Eliminate the dangers associated with liquefied and pressurized chlorine gas and bulk sodium hypochlorite and the ...


by Akzo Nobel Base Chemicals (ANBC)     based in Amersfoort, NETHERLANDS

Chlorine is an important chemical in our day-to-day life and is a major building block for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Mostly known as disinfectant in drinking water and in swimming pools, chlorine contributes to advances in areas as diverse as disinfecting, medicine, public safety and enhancing our everyday life.

Ecoline - Model FSRC Series - Fresh Water Chlorine Generator (Chlorinator)

by Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd (AIS)     based in Tingalpa, AUSTRALIA

The FSRC series of Ecoline fresh water chlorine generator (chlorinator) is a unique in-line water treatment system suitable for any water source, and requires no added chemicals compounds. The series can be used for industrial, commercial and residential applications which include drinking water, food processing plants, swimming pools, ...

KLOREX - Sodium Hypochlorite

by Shree Arbuda Chemical Industries     based in Ahmedabad, INDIA

With the help of our experienced professionals, we are able to formulate an effective range of Sodium Hypochlorite Solution. It is soluble in water and reacts with all organic solvents. Sodium hypochlorite is extensively used in house-holds as a bleaching agent and it is a chemical compound with formula NaClO. Further, all our offered chemicals ...

Industrail Electrochlorination

by De Nora Deutschland GmbH / Industrie De Nora S.p.A.     based in Milan, ITALY

The performance of the Seaclor® and Sanilec® line of hypochlorite generators (commercialized by Severn Trent De Nora a De Nora Joint Venture Partner with Seven Trent) is the result of the many years of De Nora’s experience in the design and manufacture of electrolyzers for various electrochemical applications.

SWAN - Model AMI Codes-II HC - Chlorine Monitoring & Control System

by SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG     based in Hinwil, SWITZERLAND

Complete Systems for the Automatic and Constant Measurement and Control of Elevated Chlorine Concentrations. Monitor AMI Codes-II HC for the measurement of Total Chlorine. Integrated pH-measurement and sample temperature monitoring. Designed for application in reuse water processing, wastewater and sanitation water. Process-photometer according to ...

Model C-282 - Chlorine Gas Filter

by Chlorine Specialties     based in Burlingame, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The principal impurity is FERRIC CHLORIDE. This is inherent in chlorine gas because it is packaged in steel containers. The amount of ferric chloride that deposits out in a chlorine gas system is a function of the quantity of chlorine used. Lesser impurities can result from use of lubricants used in valves of the packaging system.

Chlorine Solution Diffusers

by Chlorine Specialties     based in Burlingame, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Potable Water vs Wastewater Treatment: Emphasis on adequate mixing is usually greater in wastewater chlorination than for potable water. This is largely due to the fact that wastewater chlorine dosages are 5-8 times those for potable water However it should be pointed out that the diffusers C-265, C-266 and C-267 for pipes flowing full are ...


by TEMAK S.A.     based in Acharnes (Menidi) Attikis, GREECE

Chlorination is widely used for water disinfection. as a common practice. from all Water Works in Greece and all over the world. For the application is used commercial sodium hypochlorite (commercial bleach). which is a liquid and therefore the addition in the water stream is easy. mainly automatic.

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