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Model 24r - Deionization Systems

by Veolia Water Technologies (previously ELGA Process Water)     based in High Wycombe, UNITED KINGDOM

24r deionization systems typically produce water with a conductivity of less then 25μS/cm. Flow rates from 60 to 400 liters/hr.

Automatic Water Deionizer

by Tech Universal (UK) Ltd     based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM

Tech Universal deionizers designed for the removal of dissolved salts from feed water used for high pressure boilers, laboratories, process water, etc. The system is flexible and available in both simplex and duplex versions with different control alternatives.

Mixed Bed Deionizers

by Ecodyne Industrial     based in Naperville, ILLINOIS (USA)

Automatic or Semi-automatic Operation – Automatic regeneration when water quality falls below pre-set limit or after manual initiation.Constant monitoring of water quality.Solid-state reliability PLC Control for trouble-free service.No untreated by-pass water.Alternate regeneration water source piping - standard.Automatic shut down in the ...

Model RCM/9033 - Conductivity Meter

by Pure Water Technology     based in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

RCM/9033 is versatile enough to measure samples from deionized water to brine with a single probe. Its rugged ABS housing makes it completely water-resistant. It accurately measures the Conductivity of a liquid sample in the lab as well as in the field .The stainless steel rings have a large, smooth surface that will make any eventual cleaning ...

Capacitive Deionization for the Removal of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

by ENPAR Technologies Inc     based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Capacitive deionization is a simple electrochemical process that effectively lowers the concentration of total dissolved solids in water.

QUA - Model FEDI - Fractional EDI

by QUA Group LLC     based in Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Electrodeionization (EDI) process, invented over 20 years ago, is a continuous, chemical-free process that removes ionized and ionizable impurities from the feed water using DC power. EDI is most commonly used to treat Reverse Osmosis (RO); permeate and replace Mixed Bed (MB) ion exchange; producing high purity water of up to 18 M EDI ...

Wall Mounted, Portable Deionized Water Systems

by United States Resin Company     based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA)

Our high output, wall mounted tanks provide approximately 300 gallons of mineral free, de-ionized water. This di water, spot free rinse system consists of two 20 inch tubes that include replaceable and refillable cartridges which slide in and out of the water tight housings. This unit is designed to be mounted on the wall and comes with ...

Water Deionizer - Hydro-Pure

by Chempure Technologies Pvt Ltd.     based in Chennai, INDIA

The Hydro-Pure series deionizers offered two stages both co-flow and counter-flow deionizers for the applications in different industrial process. These systems are available in a versatile range of outputs from 1.0 m3/hr to 90 m3/hr. The co-flow (HTS) range is developed to produce a cost-effective supply of good quality deionized water to meet a ...

Deionized Water Rinsing System Replacement Resin

by United States Resin Company     based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA)

Buying replacement resin in pre-measured bags to refill your reusable 20' cartridges can save you money! These replacement bags of resin are easy to install and virtually hassle free. You will receive enough replacement resin to de-ionize approximately 300 gallons of water. Replacement Resin - 4.5 Liters

Deionized Water Rinsing System Resin Replacement Cartridges

by United States Resin Company     based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA)

Our resin replacement cartridges are easy to install, taking only 5 minutes to replace. You will receive two 20-inch replacement cartridges which are rated to de-ionize approximately 300 gallons of water. Resin Replacement Cartridges - Includes two 20-replacement cartridges

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