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AUTOSTIL - Ion Exchange Systems

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)

Ovivo Autostil units use state of the art ion exchange technology to meet your needs for pure and ultrapure water production. Ion exchange is a proven technology for the production of pure and ultrapure water and is one of the most frequently applied processes.

Aquatech WATERTRAK - Multi-Media Water Filter

by Aquatech International Corporation

A multi-media water filter is used for particulate removal and to remove suspended solids or turbidity from the water. These are located in front of demineralizer trains, reverse osmosis units, softeners, etc. By removing this debris in the water, The filter prevents the downstream equipment from being plugged up when operated properly. ...

Pollution - POLARIS - H2 Recharging Station for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Hydrogen Generator

by Pollution Srl

High-pressure and flow 350 cc/min PEM (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) Hydrogen Generator designed for fast and durable recharge of hydrogen cartridges thanks to an outbound high purity (99,99996%). It uses demineralized water.

Dosing Equipment

by ICL Water Solutions - BK Giulini GmbH

Dosing pumps. Pulse generators. Dosing tanks. Water meters. Proportional dosing systems. Stationary storage and mountable transport containers. Dosage control of emulsion splitting agents.

Purolite - C100 - Gel Strong Acid Cation Resin

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite C100 is supplied in the sodium form and it is primarily used in coflow regenerated industrial softening or when regenerated with mineral acids (hydrochloric or sulfuric acids) as the cation resin in demineralization plants used in industrial water treatment. This premium gel product has been optimized to give a high working capacity and ...

Purolite - C100C - Gel Type Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite C100C is a high capacity, bead-form, conventional gel polystyrene sulfonate cation-exchange resin, used in industrial softening and demineralization applications. It is ideally suited for use at higher than average flow rates, or in any situation where lower than average pressure loss is necessary. Its high bead integrity, excellent ...

Purolite - IP9 - Underbed Applications - Cylindrical Form

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite IP9 is a rigid compound based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is used as a bottom layer for ion exchange resins in water demineralisation, softening, dealkalisation and other special applications.

Purolite - A111 - For Aqueous and Non Aqueous Applications Where a Fully Weak Base Resin can Offer Advantages

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite A111 is a macroporous weak base anion resin with tertiary amine functional groups, without quaternary ammonium functionality. This resin has been developed for aqueous and non aqueous applications where a fully weak base resin can offer advantages, with regard to resistance to organic fouling, higher working capacity, and in some cases ...

Purolite - A100FL - Demineralization - Counterflow Packed Bed Systems

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite A100FL is a macroporous poly(vinylbenzyl) tertiary amine type exchange resin,primarily used for the removal of anions of strong acids in a two-bed deionization process.

Purofine - PFA133S - Demineralization / Decolorization of Glucose Solutions - Uniform Particle Size - Sugar Grade

by Purolite Corporation

Basic Features: Application - Demineralization / Decolorization of Glucose Solutions - Uniform Particle Size - Sugar Grade, Polymer Structure - Macroporous Polystrene Crosslinked with Divinylbenzene, Appearance - Spherical Beads, Functional Group - Tertiary Amine, Ionic Form as Shipped - Free Base

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