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Deioniser - Model FORMULA 2000 - Water Cartridge

by STEP Systems GmbH

Pure water cartridge for easy production of demineralized water for laboratory use. Patented wall unit with a disposable resin cartridge. Ideal where smaller quantities are needed. Battery-powered (9V transistor battery) quality control with light-emitting diodes. Integral standby-mode switch. The battery is activated only during water ...

Demineralization System


Some production processes require highly pure water, even completely demineralized. Such water is needed among others in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, electric, energetic (steam boiler water) industry, in labs, air conditioning devices etc.

Demineralization Plants

by SIMPEC Srl Societa Implanti Ecologici

The demineralization is a chemical-physical process, generally applied to the water, destined to totally or partially dissolved salts elimination.

Demineralised Water

by Evides Waterbedrijf

Purity of water is a notion in itself. Pure water conjures images of potable water of immaculate quality. Rightly so if one considers that water standards in the Netherlands are among the highest on earth. Nevertheless our efforts don’t stop short of this quality. Using technologies like membrane separation (MF/UF/RO) and ion exchange (IX) ...

Biological Water-Recycling System

by Waste water technologies & Water recycling Natuurbeton Milieu

In a washing-process for cars, trucks, trains, planes etc. a lot off water is consumed. Depending on the costs off drinkingwater and sewage-costs it could be interesting to recycle water. The choice on how to recycle this water a number off aspects are very important. Which pollutions are present in this waste water??. Which pollution has to be ...

Puropack - Model PPA100 - Demineralization - Packed Bed Grading

by Purolite Corporation

PuropackÒ A100 is a specially produced, premium narrow size grading, macroporous weak base anion exchange resin. Because of its structure, it has excellent mechanical and osmotic stability, and is able to remove naturally occurring organic materials typically found in influent water, thus protecting a following strong-base resin from ...

Demineralization System

by Wigen Water Technologies

All naturally occurring water contains dissolved mineral salts. While in solution, these salts separate into positively charged cations and negatively charged anions. Through the process of ion exchange, demineralization can significantly reduce the levels of these ions, thereby lowering the conductivity.The process begins when raw water is passed ...

Siemens - Model SG-2000 to SG 15000 - Ion Exchanger

by SG Wasseraufbereitung und Regenerierstation GmbH

Siemens offers flame proof ion exchange cartridges made of stainless steel for the manufacture of de-mineralized water. The cartridges are filled with a factory-approved high-performance mixed-bed resin, which is composed of cation and anion resins.

Lenntech - Ion Exchange Demineralization Plants

by Lenntech Water Treatment

Lenntech designs and build tailor-made IX demi-plants to produce demi-water from groundwater, tapwater or RO permeate.

EKE - Demineralization (DI) Systems


Demineralization Systems are used in processes when the precision of parameters are required such as low salinity and low conductivity is required.

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