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Sludge Mate - Container Filter

by Flo Trend® Systems, Inc.

The 'Sludge Mate' Container Filter is a simple one step process for dewatering a variety of sludges. The Sludge Mate Container Filter has no moving parts, requires minimal labor, has extremely low maintenance, and is very economical to use.

BRUNS - Dewatering Container

by Bruns GmbH & Co.KG Umwelt- und Entsorgungstechnik

Art. Nr. 450-001: BRUNS dewatering container with stainless-steel screens and drainage canal. Sludge dewatering is carried out by gravity. Materials to be dewatered: canal residues, refuse, grit, oil-contaminated substances, screenings, etc. This roll-off container is equipped with a hinged cover with manual hydraulics and an opening angle of ...

Leiblein - Dewatering Container

by Leiblein GmbH

The dewatering container (also drainage container, separation container) is used for sludge dewatering or transportation. Leiblein dewatering containers are low-cost solutions for dewatering of small loads of mineral sludge. The sludge drains to compact sludge, which can be transported in the container. The sludge can easily be dumped and ...

Vac Mate Container Filter

by Flo Trend® Systems, Inc.

The Retro-Fit 'T' Filter makes a vacuum filtration container out of a standard vacuum box. Retrofit 'T' Filter Vac Mate The Vac Mate retro inserts are available for 20, 25, and 30 cubic yard vacuum containers. Attachable roller-wheel jacks allow the insert to be rolled in and out of the vacuum box by hand or with the aid of a forklift. The 'T' ...

Lugger Container Filter

by Flo Trend® Systems, Inc.

The Lugger Style Container Filter is an economical, one-step method in separating and dewatering sludges and slurries. The material can be pumped or conveyed into the container filter for liquid /solid separation.

Roll-Off Container Filter

by Flo Trend® Systems, Inc.

The Roll-Off Style Container Filter is a patented, economical, one-step method for separating and dewatering sludges, slurries and waste streams. The material can be pumped or conveyed by other means into the roll-off container filter for liquid / solid separation. Liquid drains through the installed filter media panels and out of the container ...

Self Dumping Hopper Container Filter

by Flo Trend® Systems, Inc.

The Self Dumping Hopper Container Filter is an economical, one-step method of separating slurries, sludges, and waste stream. The liquid suspension is conveyed or pumped into the container for separation.

Front, Side & Rear Loader Container Filters

by Flo Trend® Systems, Inc.

Patent Numbers 4,871,454 & 5,595,654. The purpose for separation may be to: Meet federal and state regulations for land fill disposal. Recover the material as a product. Clarify the aqueous phase. Dewater Sludge

Mobile Dewatering Containers

by Ultra Aquatic Technology Pty Ltd (UAT)

Ideally suited for continuous batch sludge dewatering on site. Occupying a small footprint, the containers can be easily positioned around a treatment plant with a standard roll on/roll off ‘hook’ truck.

AWAS TS Dewatering Container

by AWAS GmbH Bayern Wastewater Treatment Plants

Sludge is continuously taken out of the sludge trap and dewatered through a filter cloth. With the addition of polyelectrolyte, the sludge drains better, thus reducing the volume. The separated water flows back into the sludge trap for further treatment. Option: A heating system in wintertime avoids freezing.

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