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Sludge Dewatering

by Allerton Construction Limited

The Teknobag Draimad sludge dewatering package plant is completely automatic, with all functions, including sludge conditioning, bag filling and draining cycles, controlled by an integral control panel. This fully packaged sludge dewatering system is simple and quick to install.

Sludge Centrifuge

by Morselt Borne Ltd

Morselt decanters can handle about 20 % more material when compared with conventional decanters having similar dimensions. In many cases, this feature brings out an increase in the dehydration process.

DEWA - Model FPD - Multi-Stage Series Sludge Dewaterer

by DWT Group Oy

DEWA FPD mulit-stage series sludge dewaterer is a combination of a BTN (heavy duty belt thickener) and a FP (belt filter press), and is designed for the most demanding, large capacity applications. The FPD multi-stage dewaterer is easy to modify according to the characteristics of the sludge and throughput and cake solid requirements.

Enviropol - Slurry De-watering System

by Enviropol Engineers Pvt.Ltd.

Slurry from wet scrubber is processed for solid-liquid separation for 100% re-circulation of liquid back to the scrubbing system & eco-friendly disposal of ash. Various models are available ranging from conventional sludge drying beds arrangement to completely mechanized systems for direct loading of ash in trolleys. The selection mainly ...

De-Watering Liners

by S&G Diversified Products

S&G Environmental carries multi-filtration liners used in waste containers for Liquid/Solid separation. The De-Watering Liner is a flexible, multi-layer filtration liner capable of removing liquids from sludges when used in conjunction with most waste containers.

Dewatering/ Dehydration fabrics

by Hengshui WRT Filtration Material Co.,Ltd

Our Dewatering/ Dehydration fabrics includes spiral dryer fabric and woven dryer fabric. This product is specially designed for wastewater treatment plants as sludge dewatering mesh belt. It is used for drying of paper making, forming of non-woven cloth as well as sludge dehydration and filter press. It enjoys the features of air and water ...

Efficient Low Cost Sludge Dewatering

by Aquatreat Environmental Engineering Ltd

The Volute ES series is a range of efficient low cost sludge dewaterers. The Volute is capable of dewatering sludges from 0.1 % dry solids (1000 mg/l) to over 25 % dry solids (ds). The Volute is a simple and robust unit which is installed in more than 1100 industrial and municipal plants around the world. Ownership costs of the Volute are ...

Sludge Dewatering

by K2 Corporation Pty Ltd.

If you are disposing of liquid sludges, then there is a reasonable chance more than 97% of waste is water. Sludge dewatering of the waste can often prove to be one of the most economical investments industry can make. Payback periods generally do not exceed beyond 12 months and in many cases can be considerably less. K2 manufactures and supplies a ...

Sludge Dewatering

by GNA-Stulz GmbH

GNA-Stulz can supply sludge dewatering systems to be used as a fixed installation in new buildings, as semi-mobile or mobile options transported by truck, or for use in container-type settling tanks and in existing facilities. An outstanding feature on GNA-Stulz plants, despite the constrained spatial demands, is ease of access to all assemblies ...


by IWWS Southwest

In all industries that utilize wastewater equipment a growing concern is the cost of dealing with the skimmings that are produced. High fuel cost is really beginning to take effect. Dewatering by IWWSIWWS has been helping industries deal with this problem for years. 30 years ago we were heavily involved in the poultry industry. Many of these ...

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