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Ekman Dredge

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.     based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

6ý x 6ý x 6ý Dredge for sampling benthic communities inhabiting soft bottomed aquatic environments. Hinged upper doors swing open as dredge is lowered, allowing water to pass through and minimize shock wave. Stainless steel messenger closes dredge, preventing washout of sample. Cable release system, with bar grip, helps set dredge with greater ...


by BakerCorp     based in Seal Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The diagram below shows a water treatment system in which water is isolated from a larger body of water, such as a lake, river, or harbor to allow for dredging or construction in the work area. By cleaning the heavily silted water, the clean effluent can be safely returned to the source at a different location.

Chain Ladder Dredge

by Custom Dredge Works Inc.     based in Topeka, KANSAS (USA)

Chain Ladder Dredge: A Chain Ladder Dredge is a type of dredger that uses a chain to loosen the material. The chain ladder dredge is used when the material has become suspended. After the material, has become suspended the material is then pumped while conveying the over sized material. The over sized may hinder production away from the suction ...

Cutter Head Dredge

by Custom Dredge Works Inc.     based in Topeka, KANSAS (USA)

A Cutterhead dredge is used to soften and loosen material, andthen the dredger suction system transports it through the suction hose by use of a dredge pump. CDW manufactures several dredge cutter heads, and can help you select the perfect dredge cutter head for your project.

Ladder Pump Dredge

by Custom Dredge Works Inc.     based in Topeka, KANSAS (USA)

Ladder Pump Dredger: Ladder pump dredges can be used for different types of dredging projects or mining applications. The dredge pump is located on the ladder of the dredge, which can be operational or used underwater. With the dredge pump being located on the ladder on the dredge, there is a significant advantage of reduced suction lost with the ...

Agitator Slurry Dredge Pumps

by Piranha Pumps & Dredges     based in Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO (USA)

For industrial, mining, milling, power plant, water treatment, sewage, organic waste, or anywhere slurry solids have a tendency to accumulate, agitator pumps are the answer. Since water always flows to the path of least resistance, a pump without mechanical agitation will only pump the water, leaving the solids behind to accumulate around your ...

Salem-Republic - Dredge Hose

by Salem Republic Rubber Company     based in Sebring, OHIO (USA)

Salem-Republic's Dredging Hose features 'customized' heavy-duty, wear-resistant constructions employing the finest grades of natural and synthetic rubber and fabric. Produced in hard and soft-wall constructions, S-R's Dredging Hose is quality-based with over 30 years of experience in handmade hose design and manufacturing. S-R engineers and ...

Super Absorbent Polymers for Biosolids, Dredge Sediment Disposal

by Zappa Tec     based in McLeansville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) solidify liquid waste streams, dredge sediments, biosolids and sludges associated with remediation projects, landfill closures, petrochemical spills, and other environmental cleanup projects. SAPs reduce waste transportation and disposal costs from these operations by solidifying liquid waste while minimizing an ...

Aquamec - Cutter Pump for Suction Dredging

by Aquamec Ltd.     based in Säkylä, FINLAND

General suction dredging attachment. Submersible pump. Discharge distance up to 1,5 km. 2 cutter crowns included: Universal crown & soft soil crown.

Aquamec - Model 500 l - Bucket for Backhoe Dredging

by Aquamec Ltd.     based in Säkylä, FINLAND

General backhoe, Dredging attachment for excavating hard soils, Abrasion resistant rails under the bottom.

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