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Ekman Dredge

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.     based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

6ý x 6ý x 6ý Dredge for sampling benthic communities inhabiting soft bottomed aquatic environments. Hinged upper doors swing open as dredge is lowered, allowing water to pass through and minimize shock wave. Stainless steel messenger closes dredge, preventing washout of sample. Cable release system, with bar grip, helps set dredge with greater ...

Mud Cat - Model 1000 - Multi-Function Dredge (MFD)

by Liquid Waste Technology Inc (LWT Inc)     based in New Richmond, WISCONSIN (USA)

Liquid Waste Technology, LLC would like to introduce the newest addition to the Mud Cat line of quality dredging machines—the Mud Cat ®MFD-1000 Multi-Function Dredge. This new dredge was created to offer the operator a versatile dredging machine that can mobilize easily, perform many different environmental cleanup jobs, and is one truck ...

BERKY - Model Type 6720 - Suction Dredger

by Anton Berkenheger GmbH & Co. KG (BERKY Mowing Machines)     based in Haren/Emmeln, GERMANY

Small and flexible Suction Dredger suitable for dredging and cleaning works for: Small channels and ditches with a width of min. 2.50 m and 0.80 m depth. Lakes up to 50.000 m². Suction dredging depth with cutter head or dredging auger up to 3.00 m, dredging depth with bucket (120 liters) up to 2.00 m suction pump installed below deck for ...

Aquamec - Cutter Pump for Suction Dredging

by Aquamec Ltd.     based in Säkylä, FINLAND

General suction dredging attachment. Submersible pump. Discharge distance up to 1,5 km. 2 cutter crowns included: Universal crown & soft soil crown.

Aquamec - Model 500 l - Bucket for Backhoe Dredging

by Aquamec Ltd.     based in Säkylä, FINLAND

General backhoe, Dredging attachment for excavating hard soils, Abrasion resistant rails under the bottom.

Aquamec - Rake for Backhoe Dredging

by Aquamec Ltd.     based in Säkylä, FINLAND

For removal of reeds, roots and other vegetation. for cleaning the bottom from trash. 2,75 m wide.

AMS - Bottom Dredges

by Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.)     based in American Falls, IDAHO (USA)

Easily sample most types of bottom surfaces. Constructed from stainless steel and powder-coated carbon steel for corrosion resistance. The top of the sampling chamber is screened to allow water flow during deployment and reduce the frontal shock wave that may displace sediment as the dredge contacts the sample surface. A two-way spring-loaded ...

Mud Cat - Diesel Powered Auger Dredges

by Liquid Waste Technology Inc (LWT Inc)     based in New Richmond, WISCONSIN (USA)

The Mud Cat Diesel Powered Auger Dredges are available up to 425 HP using quiet, clean burning Tier 3 engines. Operator cabs include air conditioning, air ride seats, electronic controls and easy to read gauges. All Mud Cat dredges can be configured with custom automation for increased productivity.


by BakerCorp     based in Seal Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The diagram below shows a water treatment system in which water is isolated from a larger body of water, such as a lake, river, or harbor to allow for dredging or construction in the work area. By cleaning the heavily silted water, the clean effluent can be safely returned to the source at a different location.

Dragflow - Remote Controlled Mini Electric Dredge

by Dragflow S.r.l.     based in Villafranca, ITALY

Design to fit in 20' container - ready to use . Winches for mooring an positioning . Safer because no humans are needed onto the barge . High solid content - up to 70% concentration by weight . Production up to 100 m3/h . Discharge distance up to 300m . Working depth up to 20m . Power from 5 to 18 HP . Possibility to integrate a GPS to keep truck ...

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