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Water and Wastewater - Water Resource Services

by WardKarlson Consulting Group

Hydrodynamic ModellingWKC utilises specialist software to predict plume geometry and mixing behaviour from a diverse range of effluent discharge types including:• Industrial wastewater discharges containing conservative and non-conservative pollutants• Cooling water discharges with elevated temperatures• Desalination plant discharges with elevated ...

Engineered and customized pumping solutions

by Dragflow S.r.l.

Over the years Dragflow has been developing a deep know-how in mining and dredging applications, based on innovation and ability to create customized solutions according to customers’ needs.Dragflow delivers original systems that provides commercial and technical advantages; we work in close contact with customers on projects ranging from ...

Contaminated Sites & Sediments Services

by LimnoTech Inc.

Industries, waterfront developers, resource managers, and site owners face many challenges as they strive to remediate or control environmental impacts at contaminated sites. The process of addressing legacy pollution can be complex, because of large volumes of sediments or soils, multiple contaminants and sources, and the length of time required ...

CastoLab Service

by Castolin Eutectic

Castolin Eutectic understands that many customers prefer to focus on their core activities and choose to subcontract their maintenance work, especially in periods of peak demand or during emergency shutdowns. In response to the changing need of our customers, we have greatly expanded our network of specialty CastoLab workshops to provide ...

Planning Services

by Aquamec Ltd.

Ideal applications for our Watermaster multipurpose dredger: Suction and backhoe dredging in rivers, canals, harbours, lakes and coastal waters. Dredging in areas, where there is water traffic. Dredging in places where it is difficult or impossible to work with other machinery (wetlands, shallow waters, shorelines, industrial pools, under bridges, ...


by Braveheart Shipping BV

Specialist dept measurements are made so clients– such as dredging companies or port authorities –can efficiently manage workingprocesses like dredging, port maintenance and replenishment work. Sediment density measurements can also be conducted in order to map out navigable channels. This can save unnecessary dredging work and ...

Marine Construction Services

by ASI Group Ltd.

ASI’s marine construction crews conduct a full range of underwater repair services, salvage operations, pipeline remediation, installation and construction contracting.  We are also a full-service team for industrial dredging and disposal from inspection and sampling through removal and remediation.  Or 24/7 industrial maintenance ...

land Surveyors and Merrett Survey Services

by Aquatonics Ltd

Aquatonics Ltd have worked with specialist land surveyors Merrett Survey Partnership to accurately map biotope boundaries using Real Time Kinematic GPS and terrestrial laser scanning. The laser scanning method has many advantages over conventional survey methods:

Mapping the Seafloor Services

by GeoView, Inc.

The two main techniques used to map the seafloor are bathymetric profiling and side-scan sonar.

Sediment Thickness Studies Services

by GeoView, Inc.

Sediment thickness studies are typically performed to: Identify and quantify offshore borrow pits, Survey sediment with channels, Pre/Post dredging surveys, Port expansions, Pipeline studies, Sand wave and Scour/Erosion Surveys.

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