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Confined Space Entry: Investigation (DVD)

by Dupont Sustainable Solutions

Take an in-depth look at two real confined space accidents, what happened, what went wrong and how they could have been prevented with this training program.Using two real confined space accidents, this high-impact program will teach your employees how to work safely in confined spaces. What happened, what went wrong and how the accidents could ...;

Microbial Waterborne Pathogens

by IWA Publishing

In the developed world, the connection between water, hygiene and health is taken for granted. However, for the less fortunate majority, access to potable water is non-existent and remains a daily struggle. Bacteria, viruses and parasites in contaminated water cause water borne disease. Of concern are the so-called new emerging pathogens, ...;

Inspecting & Cleaning Potable Water Storage

by Ron Perrin Water Technologies

ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE GETTING THE FUNDS YOU NEED to Inspect or clean your water storage tank? YOU NEED MY BOOK! Show your Director, or Manager what sediment looks like that builds up in water tanks over time! CHAPTER FOUR covers Contaminants In our Water! CHAPTER SEVEN covers Inspection Methods. CHAPTER EIGHT covers Cleaning Methods with color ...;

Institutional Governance and Regulation of Water Services

by IWA Publishing

Institutional Governance and Regulation of Water Services provides the key elements of policy, governance and regulation necessary for sustainable water and sanitation services. On policy matters, it covers important aspects of separation of policy and delivery, integrated planning, sustainable cost recovery, provisions for the poor, and ...;

Discolouration in Drinking Water Systems

by IWA Publishing

This book analyses the particle-related processes involved in the generation of discolouration problems in the network. To this end, new measuring methods have been developed such as continuous monitoring of turbidity and particle count, the Resuspension Potential Method (RPM), and the Time Integrated Large Volume Sampler (TILVS). With these new ...;

Quality and Treatment of Drinking Water I

by Springer

The concern over the entry of agrochemicals and other xenobiotics into drinking water resources and over the general quality of drinking water is increasing. The topic of water quality and water supply will continue to be of great interest during the next two decades in developed as well as in developing countries. The new volume discusses in an ...;

Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality - 4th Edition

by IWA Publishing

This fourth edition of the World Health Organization's Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality builds on over 50 years of guidance by WHO on drinking-water quality, which has formed an authoritative basis for the setting of national regulations and standards for water safety in support of public health.It is the product of significant revisions to ...;

Ultrafiltration-Based Extraction for Biological Agents in Early Warning Systems

by IWA Publishing

Recent global events have highlighted the vulnerability of drinking water resources to accidental and intentional contamination with bio-threat agents. To insure the safety of drinking water, source water and distribution systems must be monitored for the presence of waterborne pathogens. Comprehensive monitoring of drinking water for these ...;

Drinking Water Microbiology

by Springer

This comprehensive volume provides a state-of-the-art review of the analysis and treatment of drinking water for microbial contamination, the direct cause of diseases and infant mortality primarily in the third world, but affecting industrialized countries as well. As a result of growing concern over waterborne epidemics, the 1980s were dedicated ...;

Manual on Flash Point Standards and Their Use: Methods and Regulations

by ASTM International

Features: Information on the relationship between various national and international regulations using flash point to define flammable liquids. 8 full ASTM flash point tests and excerpts of all other ASTM flash points test and specs. A list of all ASTM flash point standard tests and specifications with their Annual Book of ASTM Standards volume ...;

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