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Biokleen - Non-Chemical Sterilisation System For Potable Water

by Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

The concept of ionisation has been around almost as long as civilisation. Its use became widespread during the roman era when silver was used in drinking water for sterilisation, many more cases have been seen in the pre-industrial era. Today ionisation has traditionally focussed on drinking water supplies, NASA use it on manned space missions and ...

UIG - Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

by United Industries Group, Inc.

UIG will assist you in designing quality wastewater treatment and/or sewage treatment facilities for your specific needs, utilizing our bolted steel tanks, welded steel tanks and/or fiberglass storage tanks.

LifeFilta TapFilta - Portable Drinking Unit

by LifeFilta by SenseSeveri Comm. V.

LifeFilta TapFilta is a special designed Non Chemical, Portable Drinking Unit for Munical - Faucet Tap Water, using our Patented nanotechnology for the Domestic household & Home Applications. Our TapFilta is specially designed for the kitchen and can be mounted to any standard tap connection (universal adapter) with a capacity of 25.000 Liters ...

Ydronet - FT/FPT - Water Filter

by Ydroteq N.V.

A largely self-cleaning waterfilter with or without water shock damper and equipped with a non-return valve. Ydronet Filter FT/FPT guarantees a safe water filtration. Ydronet waterfilter is equipped with a tested non-return valve. (KIWA, DVGW, NF, WRc, SITAC, ETA). Standard waterfilter cartridge is 50 micron, filter cloth made of nylon or ...

Mena Water - Safe Drinking Water Plant

by Mena Water GmbH

MENA-Water drinking water plant Alsoqya is a cost effective packaged plant that meets WHO and other international treated water standards. It is easy to operate, consumes less energy and can be delivered in short notice. Alsoqya is a containerized plant that combines all the necessary components for coagulation, flocculation, clarification, ...

Husky - Helicopter Water Tanks

by Husky® Portable Containment

Husky®  Helicopter Tanks are water shuttle tanks designed to be transported by helicopter and set down into forestry areas for a water supply for the firefighters whether in remote areas or not. The Helicopter Tanks are designed in a tetrahedron shape for excellent stability when being transported or just sitting on the ground.

Ydrostop - Water Control Valve

by Ydroteq N.V.

After a sudden break in the water pipe, Ydrostop immediately shuts off the water supply. In case of systematic water loss (small leaks, open taps …), YDROSTOP shuts off the water pipe after a preset time. Immediately shuts off water supply in case of pipe breaking. Shuts off water supply in case of leakage in the pipe, depending on the ...

Ydronet - Water Filter/Pressure Stabilizer

by Ydroteq N.V.

A largely self-cleaning filter which stabilizes the output pressure at about 3.8 bar, Ydronet guarantees a constant water pressure with wear-resistant hard ceramic discs. Ydronet cleans the water via a centrifugal filter system. No more increasing pressure in the water system. Ydronet, the device which combines two unique functions in one well ...

Siliphos - Hardness Stabilization In Drinking Water Systems

by ICL Water Solutions - BK Giulini GmbH

ICL Water Solutions´ specialty product for hardness stabilization in drinking water systems. Siliphos is an economic and reliable water treatment system for drinking and industrial water. It is made of glassy polyphosphate spheres containing silicate and phosphate. The application is done by dispensers of variable size.

Potable Water Treatment

by Volpin Impianti S.r.l

The systems for the treatment of drinking water that we sell are basically composed of a composite structure filters and can be used for civil and industrial use. We ca offer 3 different version of this product: the version that can be stoved under the sink, the snall cabinet that can be placed over the sink and the big standalone cabinet to be ...

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