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Model TSB 003 - Seawater Desalination Box

by Trunz Water Systems AG     based in Steinach, SWITZERLAND

The Trunz water desalination box TSB 003 is complete and ready to deploy. It provides up to max. 250 l of clean drinking water per hour from any seawater source. The system is complete with feed pump, automatic back flushing filtration system and controls. An efficient Reverse Osmosis system removes dissolved solids (salt, inorganic contamination ...

Torishima - Pumps for Seawater Desalination

by Torishima Pump Mfg. Co., LTD     based in Osaka, JAPAN

The useable fresh water in the world amounts to 0.01 % of the world's water. There is no doubt that water demand is increasing with the growth of population and industrialization. Consequently the necessity of seawater desalination plants is rapidly increasing. This requires innovative' pumptng solutions to provide clean drinking water to ...

Halvorsen - Water Treatment Systems

by Halvorsen Group     based in Stavanger, NORWAY

Seawater is used for several functions, from drinking water, to ultra pure water which reduces the temperature and thus emissions from the gas turbine. Water management is a crucial element of offshore oil and gas production.

Pure Water Membranes

by GE Water & Process Technologies     based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

GE provides spiral membrane elements to purify water ideal for drinking water, boiler feedwater, seawater desalination, rinse water and water reuse.

Model SW-B - Sea Water Desalination

by Watertec T.A. GmbH     based in Nieder-Olm, GERMANY

The SW-B range comprises large units for the production of drinking water. They are designed to desalinate seawater with a salinity of up to 45,000 mg/l. Minerals and many other unwanted substances, such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals, are also removed from the water. Depending on the size, the SW-B are designed in one or more ...

Mobile Water Purification Units

by AST Clean Water Technologies     based in M.P. MENASHE, ISRAEL

AST - mobile containerized ‘plug & play’, portable water systems mobile water purification units supply fresh drinking water from any water source, anywhere. Mobile units can produce drinking water from almost any source including seawater, surface water, and brackish water. Produced water meets World Health ...

Sea Water Reverse Osmesis Water Systems

by Fluid Technologies International     based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA)

FTI is paid to introduce our newest line of water treatment equipment The units in this product line will purity up to millions of gallons of drinking water per day from salt water sources Our systems feature the latest in thin-film semi-permeable membrane techndogy to separate fresh water km the salt in seawater. Efficient centrifugal multi-stags ...

Reverse Osmosis

by Chemtec Ltd.     based in Netanya, ISRAEL

Whether your problem is supply of pure drinking water from seawater, removal of poisonous contaminations or production of ultra pure water for high-tech industry, our combined Reverse Osmosis systems can do the job efficiently and economically. CHEMTEC produces a wide range of reverse osmosis machines, our professional team is using computer-aided ...

Drema - Model EWS Series - Stainless Steel Evaporators

by Drema Waterbehandeling B.V.     based in Dordrecht, NETHERLANDS

Main principle EWS evaporator: When seawater is boiled in a vacuum chamber, vapour can be produced at temperatures as low as 40°C. It is this principle of low temperature/low pressure distillation, which is applied in the evaporator for the production of fresh water from seawater. It utilizes a source of low-grade heat, mostly waste heat from ...

Aquastore Filter Unit

by Aquastore Filters Ltd     based in Bude, UNITED KINGDOM

The Aquastore Filter is a revolutionary method of conserving water for re-use in any number of applications where drinking water quality is not essential or necessary. Created and developed in England the Alchemi filter and Aquastore filter system is totally produced in the UK. The filter is produced from a natural resource, processed seawater. It ...

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