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NEUHOLD - Flood Protection Walls

by NEUHOLD Environmental Technology

Our flood protection walls are made of aluminium alloy for the application for fixed walls, or mobile walls and they are designed for easy and simple installation and dismantling. 

Model HS1000 - Tidal Turbines

by ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest

The HS1000 is a 1MW pre-commercial demonstrator deployed at the EMEC tidal test site in the Orkney Isles. The device is essentially a scaled up version of the HS300, with some changes made to accommodate the facilities at the EMEC tidal test site. The turbine is heavily instrumented and will serve as a platform for future research and development ...

Model HS300 - Tidal Turbines

by ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest

HS300 is a 300kW prototype installed at 50 meters depth in Kvalsund in Finnmark, Norway. The device has been through a complete deployment, operation, retrieval, maintenance and redeployment cycle, and has proven to be both efficient and reliable.

Deep Ocean Seafloor Observatories

by Envirtech S.p.A.

What we are doing for Deep-Sea and Seafloor Observatory Science. First step in oceanic environment evaluation is to collect and monitor physical parameters, like sea temperature, waves heave and direction, current speed and so on. Many real-time, climatical buoy networks were implemented in the last 10 years as well as deep ocean seafloor ...

HYFLO - Self Closing Flood Door

by Self Closing Flood Barrier

The SCFDoor has been developed to protect doors and small gates against floods. The working principle is very similar to the Self Closing Flood Barrier but doesn’t require a Service Pit.

Anti-flood Barrier / Anti-pollution Barrier

by MSEI Environnement

The new generation of flood prevention barriers.The water pressure causes the barrier to open by lifting the upper fabric. This water pressure acts in such a way that the barrier takes the form of the ground. Up to 2 metres containment height – No limit with regard to the length. Can be installed rapidly, without any anchoring.

Tidal Turbines

by ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest

The technology is developed from long experience of modern technology used in wind mills, subsea oil & gas production and in hydro-power plants. The technology has been thoroughly tested and has experienced regularity in delivering electricity to the power grid.

Flood Wash System

by CE Projects Ltd

The flood wash system normally consists of a header tank, mounted in a position to achieve maximum 'head' and control flow rates. The column of slurry/water contained within the tank supplies a flush valve at the head of each passage way through underground pressure piping. On larger systems where the flush valves are positioned a considerable ...

Tsunami Barrier

by Global Flood Defence Systems

The twin-wing Tsunami Barrier is the ultimate solution to protect lower situated and densely populated coastal areas.

FloodAngel - Anti-Flood Airbrick Replacement

by UK Flood Barriers Limited

It is the most efficient and effective airbrick replacement on the market. Its superior design is passive and it is self-activated by only one moving part. Designed to replace a standard airbrick it allows air to freely pass through complying with BS493:1995, but under flood conditions its self-activating gate will automatically shut off.

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