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Hydreo - Cofferdams

by HYDREO Engineering     based in Remiremont Cedex, FRANCE

Cofferdams are temporary enclosures built within, or in pairs across, a body of water  and constructed to allow the enclosed area to be emptied, creating a dry work environment. Hydreo Engineering manufactures custom made cofferdams for any particular site.

Tocardo - Model R1 - Tidal Turbine

by Tocardo     based in Den Oever, NETHERLANDS

The R1 turbine is similar to the T1 turbine used in tidal flows. The robust and innovative design enable a lifetime of 20 years under harsh conditions. The fixed, composite rotor is specially designed to withstand all the forces from strong and turbulent river flows and can deal with small debris. The R1 can be installed with Tocardo's standard ...

Tocardo - Model T3 - Tidal Turbine

by Tocardo     based in Den Oever, NETHERLANDS

The T3 turbine is Tocardo’s first turbine exclusively designed for offshore tidal sites such as the Pentland Firth in the UK. Using the same core technology (direct drive generator, bidirectional blade) makes this a robust and reliable turbine. The T3 is in the final stages of development and testing, and will be available in the near ...

Model HS1000 - Tidal Turbines

by ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest     based in Hammerfest, NORWAY

The HS1000 is a 1MW pre-commercial demonstrator deployed at the EMEC tidal test site in the Orkney Isles. The device is essentially a scaled up version of the HS300, with some changes made to accommodate the facilities at the EMEC tidal test site. The turbine is heavily instrumented and will serve as a platform for future research and development ...

Model HS300 - Tidal Turbines

by ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest     based in Hammerfest, NORWAY

HS300 is a 300kW prototype installed at 50 meters depth in Kvalsund in Finnmark, Norway. The device has been through a complete deployment, operation, retrieval, maintenance and redeployment cycle, and has proven to be both efficient and reliable.

Tocardo - Model T1 - Tidal Turbine

by Tocardo     based in Den Oever, NETHERLANDS

The T1 is the smallest in the Tocardo Turbine range. Its limited size and weight make it an ideal turbine for rivers and canals but also shallow tidal sites.


by FEUGIER environnement     based in Sault Brénaz, FRANCE

The MODUL sanitation cofferdam for the evacuation and treatment of waste water. Adaptable and economical, the MODUL sanitation cofferdam is suitable for water purification stations, sewage treatment works and the evacuation of waste water, rain water, drainage, grey water and for domestic, agricultural, industrial and medical sewage.

Model H-Type - Flume

by Tracom Fiberglass Products     based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

H-Type flumes provide excellent accuracy and rangability for flow in open channels where free-falling discharge conditions occur. The flumes were designed for the study of agricultural runoff, but are also ideally suited for monitoring storm water run-off and industrial flow monitoring.

Omni - Model 7110-00 - Directional Antenna

by High Sierra Electronics, Inc.     based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Model 7110-00 Omni-Directional Antenna is a 3dB base matched ½ wave vertical J-pole antenna fed at the end through a quarter wave shorted transmission line. It requires no ground plane radials for effective operation. Typical applications for the Model 7110-00 include the 7000 Series Standpipes, base stations, and repeater sites where ...

Flood Tite Door Panel

by Revetment Ltd     based in Henley-in-Arden, UNITED KINGDOM

The FLOODTITE Door Panel is a plastic panel which screws, by hand and without tools, onto a fixing frame which has been securely pre-fitted onto the door frame, leaving the brickwork or stone façade undamaged.The fixing frame is manufactured using vacuum formed ABS, which allows it to be painted in the same colour as the door frame, thus ...

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