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by FEUGIER environnement     based in Sault Brénaz, FRANCE

The MODUL sanitation cofferdam for the evacuation and treatment of waste water. Adaptable and economical, the MODUL sanitation cofferdam is suitable for water purification stations, sewage treatment works and the evacuation of waste water, rain water, drainage, grey water and for domestic, agricultural, industrial and medical sewage.

HydroSlide - Flow Control Regulators

by Hydrok UK Ltd.     based in Indian Queens, St Columb, UNITED KINGDOM

With increasing demands upon the control of flows within water systems the modern mechanical flow control regulators are now required to provide increasingly accurate and reliable operation. The HydroSlide flow regulator provides a proven cost effective technique for regulating flows from as little as 2 litres/s. The float activated mechanism of ...

Mobile / Demountable Walls

by IBS - Industrial Barriers and Fire Protection Technology     based in Thierhaupten, GERMANY

A mobile protection system enables the elevation of flood protection systems while leaving the townscape, the sight and the traffic conditions to and across the river largely unchanged. It therefore preserves the identity and appeal of the city as well as the attractiveness and quality of life of the real estate properties close to the river. In ...

Clean Current - Tidal In Turbines

by Clean Current Power Systems Incorporated     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Clean Current has developed a family of turbines ideally suited to the marine tidal environment. Leveraging the proven technology from the river in-stream turbine (proprietary generator, bearing, turbine blade and duct) and the bi-directional tidal technology, Clean Current has added a central yawing bearing to provide the turbine with the ability ...

Flood Defences

by Neptune Solutions Global Ltd.     based in Failsworth, Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM

The IPCC predicts that sea levels will rise by 0.6 to 1.2 metres by 2100. Not only does this mean that more areas will need protection from flooding, but existing coastal and river defences are likely to prove inadequate in many cases. Not only does the Neptune System provide a lower cost and more rapid solution for new flood defences, it can also ...

Flood Angel - 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve

by UK Flood Barriers Limited     based in Droitwich, UNITED KINGDOM

Unique and cost effective, the Flood Angel® 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve provides flexible protection against sewage and waste water backflow at either the main drain or branch. This is the UK’s only adaptable non-return valve that gives the benefit of passive protection due to the integral self-activating flap powered by the flood water. ...

2kW Turbine

by Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited     based in Kothrud, INDIA

Ideal for use in a canals/rivers/existing Hydro Power Project (HPP) or for new micro power plants.Depth requirement of at least 2m.Velocity requirement of 1.2m/s to 4.2m/s

Demountable Flood Protection Systems

by IBS Engineered Products Ltd     based in Carlton, UNITED KINGDOM

The IBS demountable flood protection system enables the erection of a temporary flood defence wall to protect against flooding whilst leaving the landscape largely unchanged during normal circumstances. It is used in many applications including community flood protection, road and railway closures, industrial and commercial premises and also ...

Blobel - Model Type BL/HAP-SB - Floodwater Barrier

by Blobel Umwelttechnik GmbH     based in Gersthofen, GERMANY

Suitable for crack-free surfaces with ground/floor unevenness of up to 20 mm, e.g. concrete, corrugated sheet metal, tiles, stones, etc. The floodwater barrier consists of two or more hollow, reinforced aluminium body sections with lower edge protection. A compressible, highly-adaptable special seal is applied on the lowermost barrier section. ...

Blobel - Model Type BL/HDS - Floodwater Barrier

by Blobel Umwelttechnik GmbH     based in Gersthofen, GERMANY

The HDS Barrier System was developed for optimal integration within new and old facilities. During design, special attention was given to inconspicuousness and protection from vandalism. In the base version, u-posts are made from stainless steel material (304). The u-posts can be bolted directly to the wall or recessed and contain no seals, ...

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