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Automated Flood Warning Systems

by High Sierra Electronics, Inc.     based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Model 3480 Automated Flood Warning System (AFWS) advises motorists and authorities when roadway flooding occurs. These Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for traffic safety use existing ALERT/IFLOWS flood warning networks, spread spectrum radio, cellular modem, Ethernet & other technologies to activate flashing beacons, barrier gate ...

Anti-flood Barrier / Anti-pollution Barrier

by MSEI Environnement     based in BEAUVAIS Cedex, FRANCE

The new generation of flood prevention barriers.The water pressure causes the barrier to open by lifting the upper fabric. This water pressure acts in such a way that the barrier takes the form of the ground. Up to 2 metres containment height – No limit with regard to the length. Can be installed rapidly, without any anchoring.

Flood Angel - 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve

by UK Flood Barriers Limited     based in Droitwich, UNITED KINGDOM

Unique and cost effective, the Flood Angel® 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve provides flexible protection against sewage and waste water backflow at either the main drain or branch. This is the UK’s only adaptable non-return valve that gives the benefit of passive protection due to the integral self-activating flap powered by the flood water. ...

Flood Control

by Aqua Dam, Inc.     based in Mildura, AUSTRALIA

AquaDams are the ideal tool for emergency flood control! Just look below to see how this homeowner used AquaDams to prevent pounding wave action from destroying his home! AquaDam gives homeowners a fighting chance!  Water-inflated cofferdam flood control barriers have proven to be very effective tools for flood fighting and protection. ...

HYFLO - Self Closing Flood Door

by Self Closing Flood Barrier     based in Kampen, NETHERLANDS

The SCFDoor has been developed to protect doors and small gates against floods. The working principle is very similar to the Self Closing Flood Barrier but doesn’t require a Service Pit.

Mobile / Demountable Walls

by IBS - Industrial Barriers and Fire Protection Technology     based in Thierhaupten, GERMANY

A mobile protection system enables the elevation of flood protection systems while leaving the townscape, the sight and the traffic conditions to and across the river largely unchanged. It therefore preserves the identity and appeal of the city as well as the attractiveness and quality of life of the real estate properties close to the river. In ...

Glass Walls for Flood Protection

by IBS - Industrial Barriers and Fire Protection Technology     based in Thierhaupten, GERMANY

Glass constructions may only be used in flood protection in exceptional cases. Glass is a brittle material. It cannot compensate load peaks through plastification. Once the tension stress reaches the weakest spot of the glass pane, cracks form very rapidly and render the element useless.

Anti-flooding system

by MSEI Environnement     based in BEAUVAIS Cedex, FRANCE

Dismantleable flood protection systemSystem designed to adapt to all situations and all types of groundTried and tested materialsStructure made out of marine grade aluminium sections.This protection barrier is composed of removable and stackable horizontal sections positioned on vertical uprights: the whole assembly assures optimum leak tightness.

Flood Prevention Barrier

by MSEI Environnement     based in BEAUVAIS Cedex, FRANCE

Simple, rapid and with no anchoring.Structure made out of fully leak tight neoprene. No anchoring is necessary.The frame of the barrier deploys progressively.Installed in less than 2 minutesMinimum size.The barriers can be connected to each other.

Blobel - Model Type BL/HAP-SB - Floodwater Barrier

by Blobel Umwelttechnik GmbH     based in Gersthofen, GERMANY

Suitable for crack-free surfaces with ground/floor unevenness of up to 20 mm, e.g. concrete, corrugated sheet metal, tiles, stones, etc. The floodwater barrier consists of two or more hollow, reinforced aluminium body sections with lower edge protection. A compressible, highly-adaptable special seal is applied on the lowermost barrier section. ...

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