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Flood Angel - 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve

by UK Flood Barriers Limited     based in Droitwich, UNITED KINGDOM

Unique and cost effective, the Flood Angel® 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve provides flexible protection against sewage and waste water backflow at either the main drain or branch. This is the UK’s only adaptable non-return valve that gives the benefit of passive protection due to the integral self-activating flap powered by the flood water. ...

Flood Protection

by ILC Dover, Inc.     based in Frederica, DELAWARE (USA)

Climate change is increasing storm intensity and causing sea level rise which is threatening critical infrastructure and high-value real-estate.  As these effects increase in magnitude over time flood mitigation equipment will be required to prevent damage to critical infrastructure including commercial buildings, transit systems, and  ...

Flood Panel - Flood Log

by Flood Panel LLC     based in Jupiter, FLORIDA (USA)

Flood Log is Flood Panel's premium flood barrier, designed for quick deployment to protect property from flood damage. Its patented design makes it resistant to hydrostatic and high-impact forces. It can be quickly deployed in preparation for a flood event.

FloodAngel - Anti-flood Airbrick Cover

by UK Flood Barriers Limited     based in Droitwich, UNITED KINGDOM

The Flood Angel Anti-flood Airbrick Cover is BSI Kitemark accredited (PAS 1188-1:2009). Easy to deploy and compact to store, it is produced from aluminium sheet and closed cell EPDM foam, taking only minutes to install. They are simply pushed into pre-placed fittings in the holes of the airbrick and once in place, the screws are twisted to form a ...

Blobel - Model Type BL/HWS-K - Automatic Flood Barrier

by Blobel Umwelttechnik GmbH     based in Gersthofen, GERMANY

The automatic Flood Barrier BL/HWS-K is suitable for a wide range of situations. Depending on its design it can accommodate frequent day to day traffic and heavy vehicles. A compressible, highly durable seal is mounted horizontally within the flood barrier system. Vertical Sealing posts ensure a leak tight seal against the wall. The Flood Barrier ...

FloodAngel - Waterstop

by UK Flood Barriers Limited     based in Droitwich, UNITED KINGDOM

Water repellent concentrate, which, once diluted, can be applied to above ground surfaces such as walls to create a protective waterproof seal.

Demountable Flood Protection Systems

by IBS Engineered Products Ltd     based in Carlton, UNITED KINGDOM

The IBS demountable flood protection system enables the erection of a temporary flood defence wall to protect against flooding whilst leaving the landscape largely unchanged during normal circumstances. It is used in many applications including community flood protection, road and railway closures, industrial and commercial premises and also ...

Blobel - Model Type BL/HDS - Floodwater Barrier

by Blobel Umwelttechnik GmbH     based in Gersthofen, GERMANY

The HDS Barrier System was developed for optimal integration within new and old facilities. During design, special attention was given to inconspicuousness and protection from vandalism. In the base version, u-posts are made from stainless steel material (304). The u-posts can be bolted directly to the wall or recessed and contain no seals, ...

Aqua-Sac - Flood Protection Sandbags

by AET Flood Defence Limited     based in UNITED KINGDOM

Aqua-Sac is a revolutionary alternate to traditional sandbags for flood defence. Comprising a heavy duty Jute sack and a cotton liner with our Patented centre stitch, containing a Super-Absorbent Polymer the Aqua-Sac is simply submerged in water. After five minutes 13 litres of water will have been absorbed creating an inflated 'sandbag'.Bulk ...

SCFB - Model Mini and Midi - Passive Flood Defence System

by Global Flood Defence Systems     based in Droitwich, UNITED KINGDOM

The optimal effectiveness of passive flood defence systems in the built environment has been well established in recent years and building on that success our continuing programme of innovation and product improvement has led to the introduction of two new versions - the SCFB®: Mini and Midi range.

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