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Magnalight - Model LEDLB-24ET - LED Light Emitter

by Larson Electronics LLC

The Magnalight LEDLB-24ET LED Light Bar offers high light output and extreme durability combined with a versatile trunnion wall mounting system that provides 270 degrees of adjustability. This IP68 rated LED light bar is waterproof to three meters and produces 4,320 lumens while drawing only 72 watts of power @6 amps from a 12 volt electrical ...

Flood Control

by Aqua Dam, Inc.

AquaDams are the ideal tool for emergency flood control! Just look below to see how this homeowner used AquaDams to prevent pounding wave action from destroying his home! AquaDam gives homeowners a fighting chance!  Water-inflated cofferdam flood control barriers have proven to be very effective tools for flood fighting and protection. ...

Reg-U-Flo - Self-Activating Flow Control System

by Hydro International

A self-activating flow control that uses vortex motion to accurately restrict flows with the largest possible opening. The Reg-U-Flo Vortex Flow Control can be used to minimize storage volumes or ensure efficient use of the system profile.Included in HydroCAD and PondPack software, the advantages of the Reg-U-Flo Vortex Flow Control's unique ...

Uni-Wash - Model FCB - Flood Curtain Booths

by ProVent, LLC

Uni-Wash FCB Series Flood Curtain Booth dust collectors use water from the tank of the machine to flood a stainless steel vertical wall where the process affluent is directed. Booth ceiling and walls can be supplied to complete the work cell and contain it from other operations. Ideal for combustible metal finishing operations that involve hand ...

Self Closing Flood Barrier

by UK Flood Barriers Limited

The World's most effective flood protection. This patented flood barrier is a tailor-made, multi purpose solution to combat flood risk worldwide.

AcquaStop - The Innovative Anti Flood Filter

by GEL Hydrotechnology for Life

AcquaStop is the innovative anti flood filter able to protect your home from water leakages or anomalous consumptions 24 hours a day. With no programming, it will be active after 15 days of automatic acquisition of the home water consumptions. AcquaStop is installed in place of the standard filter. No power supply required.

Power Generation & Distribution Systems

by Scipar, Inc.

Scipar, Inc. provides modern and efficient solutions that offer automatic control and monitoring of hydroelectric plants. By developing and implementing state-of-the-art human machine interface technology, Scipar provides clients with the capability that allows system operators to observe a system’s current status and make control changes as ...

Flood Alarms

by Floodguards Systems Ltd

Floodguards technology is the best possible investment a householder or company can make in preventing the devastating effects of a flood – but someone has to be available to put the mitigation measures in place. If you are away, the Floodalert notifies key holders of a potential flood on the way. Alternatively if the building is occupied ...

GreaseBeta - Model Aer8 - Hydraulic Pump Station Conditioner

by Cleveland Biotech Ltd

Sumps, wet wells and pumping stations pose continual problems to all those responsible for managing and maintaining them, from pubs and supermarkets to drainage contractors and water companies. The most common problem is the build-up of fat, oil and grease (FOG waste) which can damage the pumps, resulting in floods, burnt-out pumps, offensive ...

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