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Flooding Service

by XP Solutions     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

Flooding causes more damage and cost worldwide than any other natural disaster and can result in severe loss of human life. Knowing the location and severity of flooding is the key to effective flood mitigation planning, but can be difficult because flooding can be caused by a variety of events, from urban drainage flooding to storm surge coastal ...

Flood Damage Restoration Service

by Water Damage Support     based in Tarzana, CALIFORNIA (USA)

If you recently had the misfortune to suffer flood damage from a broken pipe, leaking plumbing, accidental water-log or actual flooding, we are here to help. Water Damage Support has been helping people to deal with flood damage since several years and we can offer you immediate advice and guidance on what needs to be done to dry and clean your ...

Geotechnical Engineering

by Frost GeoSciences, Inc.     based in Helotes, TEXAS (USA)

Geologic Assessments for Regulated Activities Over the Edwards Recharge/Transition Zone. Frost GeoSciences has performed hundreds of Geologic Assessments along the San Antonio/Austin corridor, and is well-versed in the requirements and standards of the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ), formerly the Texas Natural Resource ...

Flood Studies

by ESS Group, Inc.     based in East Providence, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

ESS has developed the capabilities to assist our clients with investigating flooding issues, assessing the risk, and developing mitigation solutions for flood hazards. Our experience has included preparing FEMA map revisions and evaluating the aquatic resource impacts associated with dam removal to developing visualizations of the extent of ...

Flood Risk Assessment

by JNP Group     based in Bucks, UNITED KINGDOM

The JNP Group team provide flood risk assessments for projects ranging from single infill housing to major supermarket developments. These include strategic flood reviews, fluvial & tidal flood estimations, single and multi catchment conditions and surface water drainage strategies.

Cost analysis of Flood Barriers

by Self Closing Flood Barrier     based in Kampen, NETHERLANDS

In this analysis, Mobile Flood barriers, Permanently Attended Flood Barriers as well as the Self Closing Flood Barrier (SCFB) have been compared in terms of their total annual cost.

Tunnel Inspection

by Hibbard Inshore     based in Auburn Hills, MICHIGAN (USA)

Long tunnels are often an integral part of many large hydroelectric dams and aqueduct systems. They present difficult challenges for inspection and maintenance due to their limited access, long penetrations, and typically large diameters. Hibbard Inshore is a world leader in the inspection of fully flooded long tunnels. Eliminating hydrostatic ...

Water Management Planning Services

by AQUATEST a.s.     based in Praha 5, CZECH REPUBLIC

The EU framework directive sjednocující a framework for the protection and management of water including groundwater. Phases of work have been specified until 2027. In the framework of river basin management plans background material was elaborated for the analysis of the character of the river basin and the impact of human activity ...

Coastal, River & Flood Protection Works

by Geofabrics Limited     based in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM

A GEOfabrics' filter/separator provides high extension together with excellent puncture resistance which means little damage occurs when placing large rock. Sustained flow capacity and sand tightness are achieved at all strains. In very exposed areas where it is possible that accretion of sands may not occur, a secondary mineral filter layer is ...

Dye Water Flooding

by ADS Environmental Services / ADS LLC     based in Huntsville, ALABAMA (USA)

Usually performed in conjunction with internal TV inspections. Dye Water Flooding aides in the location and quantification of specific defects during an evaluation. The procedure consists of forcing non-toxic dye into defects located during smoke testing and manhole inspection. The path of the dye is then documented, and leaks in the sewer lines ...

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