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TUBOGEL - Flooding Process

by Geochemie Sanierungssysteme GmbH

The TUBOGEL flooding process is a two-component –sealing system, which Geochemie Sanierungssysteme GmbH successfully uses since several years for sewer rehabilitation without digging. This method guarantees reliable and long-lasting sealing of pipe systems even if they are inaccessible or deeply angled, and expensive civil engineering ...

Flood Risk Management

by Royal Haskoning DHV

Flooding is a natural hazard threatening human life and socio-economical environment of delta areas, low-lying regions and river valleys. Flood risk management, therefore, has long been one of the key issues in the agendas of governments of almost every country in the world and has become more important due to climate change and sea level rise, ...

Topographic Surveying Of Beaches And Flood Plains

by Wallingford Environmental Surveys Ltd.

Over the years we have carried out many beach surveys in connection with studies relating to the movement of beach material caused by natural coastal processes.

Water and Wastewater Management

by Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn. Bhd.

Wastewater originates from the water that contained waste products and the water used in washing, flushing or manufacturing process, There are a lot of good reasons why keeping our water clean should be one of our priorities for example like to protect the public from diseases caused by human excreta, to save the environment from being polluted by ...

Flood Protection & Control

by Watercom Engineering

Floods are most frequently caused by heavy rains, usually during summer storms. Sometimes, snowmelt adds to the amount of water runoff during a storm. The combination of heavy precipitation and an overloaded drainage system can result in property flooding. Basement flooding can also occur as a result of groundwater or stormwater runoff seepage.

Flood Damage Restoration Service

by Water Damage Support

If you recently had the misfortune to suffer flood damage from a broken pipe, leaking plumbing, accidental water-log or actual flooding, we are here to help. Water Damage Support has been helping people to deal with flood damage since several years and we can offer you immediate advice and guidance on what needs to be done to dry and clean your ...

Flood Protection Engineering

by Ecorem NV

To limit flooding, different measures can be taken, like the design of flooding areas, retention basins, etc. Such projects are often accompanied by nature development. Taking into account the different intended functions (safety, sustainability for ecosystems, recreation, …) and based on modelling data, ECOREM p.l.c. puts in a team of ...

Water and Environment

by AF-Consult Switzerland Ltd

Services and Fields of Activities: Studies, Concept development, Design, Construction management, Project management, Integral solutions, Operation and maintenance, Instruction.

Flood Risk Assessments

by STM Environmental

Flood risk became a material consideration in determining planning applications following several major flooding events in the UK in the 1990s. The Environment Agency are now routinely consulted on planning applications where flooding may be an issue. These are typically applications where development site lies within a modelled flood plain or in ...

Flood Protection

by Ingenieurgesellschaft Prof. Dr. Sieker mbH

Preventive flood protection / Potential maps. Waterbody hydraulics with WASP-Tools / EXTRAN. Floodplain determination. Formulation of maps detailing flooding danger potential.

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