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Flood Damage Restoration Service

by Water Damage Support     based in Tarzana, CALIFORNIA (USA)

If you recently had the misfortune to suffer flood damage from a broken pipe, leaking plumbing, accidental water-log or actual flooding, we are here to help. Water Damage Support has been helping people to deal with flood damage since several years and we can offer you immediate advice and guidance on what needs to be done to dry and clean your ...

Flooding and Water Damage Tips

by H&H Environmental Construction and consulting Inc.     based in Saugerties, NEW YORK (USA)

Flooding and flood water damage is insidious. Long after you dry out, you might still suffer flood damage--in the form of mold. After every flood, it's important to get your mold risk evaluated by an expert. We hope you'll never be faced with a flood. But if you ever are, we can help. And there are steps you can take to have ...

Flood-related Services

by Barr Engineering Company     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

Barr works with clients such as FEMA, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, cities, counties, and watershed districts to analyze and implement flood prevention measures. Combining technical expertise with decades of regulatory experience, our engineers and scientists analyze the complex factors that drive flooding in an area, implement proactive ...

Flood Risk Management

by Royal Haskoning DHV     based in Amersfoort, NETHERLANDS

Flooding is a natural hazard threatening human life and socio-economical environment of delta areas, low-lying regions and river valleys. Flood risk management, therefore, has long been one of the key issues in the agendas of governments of almost every country in the world and has become more important due to climate change and sea level rise, ...

Flash Flood Monitoring

by Tri-Tech Holding Inc.     based in Beijing, CHINA

This solution consists of water & rainfall monitoring system, flash flood monitoring and forecasting platform technology, early war system etc. The solution applies an advanced technology; it fully meets the technical stanrds and specifications of construction of flash flood monitoring and war system issued by Ministry of Water Resources. The ...

Dam Safety

by PennWell’s Hydro Group     based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA)

Proper attention to dam safety is vital to protect downstream life, property and habitat. Safety concerns include sinkholes, seepage, internal erosion and seismic issues.

Flood Risk Assessment Services

by O’Neill Ground Water Engineering (OGE)     based in Nass, IRELAND

OGE provides Flood Risk Assessments for residential and commercial developments, waste permits, discharge licences and hydrological reports. ]The assessment of flood risk is now required as a typical part of planning applications for developments discharging surface water runoff to rivers and streams. Attenuation designs can ...

Flood Protection Engineering

by Ecorem NV     based in Aartselaar, BELGIUM

To limit flooding, different measures can be taken, like the design of flooding areas, retention basins, etc. Such projects are often accompanied by nature development. Taking into account the different intended functions (safety, sustainability for ecosystems, recreation, …) and based on modelling data, ECOREM p.l.c. puts in a team of ...

Flood Defences

by Witteveen+Bos Consulting Engineers     based in Deventer, NETHERLANDS

As a low-lying country the Netherlands has faced the threat of floods throughout its history. The original inhabitants in the Early Iron Age battled water by building terps. Later, roughly from the year 1000, a start was made on putting up dikes in coastal and river areas. For centuries there were major dike failures that caused catastrophic ...

Environmental Impacts

by Norton Engineering LLC     based in Dayton, OHIO (USA)

What is meant when we refer to 'Environmental Impacts?' Changes in the environment caused by mankind, only by mankind, are known as environmental impacts. While we note that volcanoes and naturally-caused forest fires bring about large changes in the natural environment, these are largely dismissed by definition; they are, after all, 'natural.' ...

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