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ZICKERT Shark - Sludge Scraper

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.

The ZICKERT Shark™ Bottom Sludge Scraper has over 3,000 installations all over the world, 90 percent of which are retrofits. It is designed for continuous sludge transport and performs well in all sedimentation processes, including grit chambers.

Grit Classifier


Grit present in the wastewater needs to be held and separated at the inlet, without which it will quickly cause the mechanical equipment and pumps in the plant to deteriorate. Grit classifiers are designed to separate the solids in the grit and water mixture collected by grit scrapers, and they consist of a tank with a conical bottom and a screw ...

ASTIM - Central Driven Scraper

by ASTIM Manufacturing Inc.

Central Driven Scraper “CRS” with two, three or four scraper arms are manufactured for installation at pier supported or peripheral carried concrete or steel structure bridges. The scraper blades are mounted on arms which are connected to a rotating shaft. Central driven type scrapers are generally used in cross flow square concrete ...

Grit Scrapers

by Finnchain Oy

For grit scrapers we supply the same reliable and patented sludge scrapers as for rectangular tanks. Customized scraper flights enduringthe abrasion of sand.

ASTIM - Travelling Scraper KUM for Single

by ASTIM Manufacturing Inc.

Traveling scrapers “KUM” for single, twin or triple type basins manufactured as full wall, half wall, steel profile or truss beam according to static calculations and requirements. The system consists of a traveling gantry over the channel which carries the grit and grease removal systems. Bridge is mounted on end carriages at both ...

Grit Equipment

by Envirodyne Systems Inc.

Grit Classifiers with optional cyclones, Bridge-Supported Scraper Type Grit Collectors (a/k/a Detritrus Tanks), Horizontal Screw Type Grit Collectors, Inclined Screw Type Grit Collectors, Vortex Grit Removal Systems, Chain-and-Scraper Type Grit Collectors, Chain-and-Bucket Type Grit Collectors,Combination Screw/Bucket Elevator Grit Removal ...

Detritors Shallow Circular Ponds


Detritors are shallow circular ponds used in pretreatment plants with the purpose of grit removal. Another scraper of chain or blade type is utilised in an adjacent channel into which the collected grit is transferred.

Innovative Grit Separation Systems

by Hans Huber AG, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Subordinated Product Groups Complete Plants Longitudinal Grit Traps Circular Grit Traps  For reasons of operating reliability of wastewater treatment plants it is necessary to separate the grit transported with the wastewater and other mineral materials (approx. 60 l / 1000 m³ of wastewater) from the digestible organic material. Grit ...

ARMES - ARM-GRT-2000 - Grit and Oil Removal Systems

by ARMES Wastewater Technologies Ltd.

ARMES grit removal systems are available to obtain oil and grit removal in the same time.There systems are equipped with bottom and scum scrapers.This equipments are available in stainless steel, galvanized and in epoxy coated carbon steel assembling on reinforced concrete or steel tank.

Coarse Solid Separation EquipmentsManual & Mechanical Screens

by Geo Miller & Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Geo miller make Manual & Mechanical Bar Screens are highly efficient to separate coarse floating/ submerged waste materials from effluent. We manufacture the coarse & fine screens based on clear spacing between bar flats. Mechanical screens consist of mechanically motorized rake mechanism to clean bar and transfer it through chute to electrically ...

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