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Environics - Series 3000 - Gas Mixing / Gas Delivery System

by Environics, Inc.

The Environics Series 3000 Gas Blending - Gas Delivery System offers on-site gas blending of 100% pure bulk gases and is configured to provide a solution to using costly premixed cylinders of gas. Unlike premixed cylinders, the Environics model 3000 provides a

Vermeer - MX125 - Mixing System

by Vermeer

Optimize your horizontal directional drill’s performance with the MX125. Designed for small-diameter, short distance horizontal directional drilling jobs, the MX125 is powered by a 6.7 hp/5 kW Honda gas engine. It comes with your choice of a 300 gallon/1136 L or 500-gallon/1892-L tank.

HotShot - Inline Steam Heater

by Komax Systems, Inc.

Komax steam heater models have been successfully installed in oil refineries, large industrial buildings for the general heating of water, food processing plants for the heating of slurries, pulp and paper mills for the heating of paper pulp stock streams.

Logitec Plus - Mixing Lines

by Logitec Plus B.V.

The Logitec Mixing lines: these are mobile installations for mixing one or more basic raw materials with various additives. A mixing system ensures Just-in-Time production of the end-product that suits the cultivation or horticultural conditions.

Indag - Type DLM - Inline Mixer

by INDAG Maschinenbau GmbH

INDAG produces dynamic mixers (DLM flow mixers) for all industries, including foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, environmental technology and many more. INDAG flow mixers are used for the mixing of products as diverse as fruit yoghurt, paints, oils, chemical, effluent sludge, chocolate, bitumen, beverages and many more.

NPT - Turbine Series - Mixing System

by Nuen Process Technologies Inc.

NPT Turbine Series mixing system ensures any chemicals added to the process are completely and uniformly dispersed throughout.

Jet-Mixing - Structured Static Mixers

by Process Engineering Srl

The Jet-Mixing is ' Structured Static Mixer ' , , that use the ‘helier - Structured Packing’ to properly ' Mix ' the Process Fluids. Available in different Equivalent Diameters and in different Net Mixing Lengths , the Jet-Mixing Static Mixers apply the helier - Structured Packing of 1' , 1.5' e 4' Nominal Diameter. Thanks to the ...

UNIMIX - 24.0 - Mixing System

by Universal HDD

Operation and features specification: Mixer: UNIMIX 24.0. Tank capacity: 1000 g. Engine: Honda 24.0 hp. Fuel type: Gasoline. Pump: 430 gpm. Tank Jets (high): 8. Valves: High pressure rate / non-corrosive.

HG - Mixing Tubes

by Maxon Corporation- a Honeywell Company

Using the kinetic energy of higher gas pressures, the Series 'HG' Mixing Tube provides a thoroughly blended air/gas mixture. The higher gas pressure allows use of a lower pressure combustion air blower. In combination with a MAXON MICRO-RATIO flow control valve and combustion air blower, the 'HG' Mixing Tube can provide localized mixing of air and ...

UNIMIX - 13.0 - Mixing System

by Universal HDD

Operation and features specification: Mixer: UNIMIX 13.0. Tank capacity: 750 g. Engine: Honda 13.0 hp. Fuel type: Gasoline. Pump: 370 gpm. Tank Jets (high): 6. Valves: High pressure rate / non-corrosive.

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