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Mixers can be classified under three groups: Mixers of propeller, turbine, flocculator, etc. types, utilised to prepare solutions of a given volume and consisting of motor, impeller and shaft; Static mixers that agitate and mix different liquids by changing the flowrate; and Double -shaft spiral mixers used mostly in sludge dewatering plants, for ...

Static Mixers

by Euromixers Limited

Static mixers are used for a wide range of applications including mixing, heat exchange and dispersion, due to numerous unique innovations our products are especially suitable for hygienic processes where CIP (cleaning in place) is required, and also a broad range of temperatures and viscosities. Static mixers and Heat Exchangers can be designed ...

Static Mixer

by Vishuddhi Enviro Pvt. Ltd.

Electromechem make static mixer is an online mixer, in which geometric mixing elements fixed within a pipe. The elements use the energy of the flow stream to create mixing between two or more fluids. We have our own testing and R & D facility to optimized the design of static mixers for achieving complete mixing with the lowest pressure loss ...

Static Mixers

by TAH Industries

Since 1976, TAH Industries has pioneered the design and manufacture of static mixers. We thoroughly understand mixing technology and have built our manufacturing platform to design, mold, and assemble mixing and packaging solutions. We offer a complete line of disposable and inline mixers for adhesive systems. We also produce custom systems. ...

In Line Static Mixer

by Ozono Elettronica Internazionale SRL

When the liquid to be treated has a lower pressure than the ozone generator, it can be used an in-line static mixer that reduces ozone into small bubbles and the mixture with the liquid. They are available in PVC or in AISI316L.

Static Mixer Sludge-Poly

by Canamidex International

Canamidex static mixer equipped with clapet valve designed for self-adjusting according to delivery requirement, this product provide a better condition to mix a media with injected chemical or added material in process.

A & M Series - Triple Action Static Mixer

by Komax Systems, Inc.

The Komax Triple Action Mixer provides the highest level of mixing of any static mixer. These 'In Stock' mixers feature very high mixing efficiency with short mixing length. The Komax motionless mixer achieves high efficiency through triple action mixing. They are designed for use where additives to the main pipeline flow have already been ...

Wafer Type Static Mixer

by Komax Systems, Inc.

When there is no room to install standard static mixer lengths in an existing pipeline, Komax Wafer Static Mixers will install between the flange connections. The patented ultra compact wafer static mixer offers a high degree of turbulence or mixing in the down stream pipeline. Designed for injection and mixing of water treatment additives, the ...

Static CO2 Mixer

by Komax Systems, Inc.

Improved CO2 Contacting for pH control Integrated Gas Injector Option. Komax carries a complete line of standard and custom CO2 mixers. These mixers are available with optional gas injector. Komax mixers are available in a range of materials including PVC, Stainless Steel, Kynar, Teflon, & Fiberglass.

Static Bleach Mixer

by Komax Systems, Inc.

The Komax Chlorine Dioxide High Substitution Bleaching System is now an established and reliable technology used by modern mills worldwide. Our unique 'Triple Action Mixer' creates back mixing which produces the high shear that is needed to separate the pulp fibers. Fluidization of the pulp also occurs, allowing excellent chemical contacting which ...

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