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Ceramic Membranes

by Membratec SA     based in Sierre, SWITZERLAND

Organic membranes are generally used in drinking water treatment plants, due to the important membrane surface which is required. Ceramic membranes can however treat aggressive or very hot fluids and are often used for industrial applications on smaller treatment volumes (< 1000 m3/day). The cut-off size of ceramic membranes ranges from tight ...

Kubota FILCERA - Ceramic Membrane Filtration System

by Kubota Membrane Europe Ltd.     based in London, UNITED KINGDOM

The KUBOTA FILCERA is a Tank-submerged Type Ceramic Membrane Filtration System using the unique ceramic membrane developed by our company. Membrane modules are stacked in the membrane tank. Since the membrane filtration of raw water can be carried out directly, the system is simple and compact, and maintenance is also easy. (Refer to Fig.1) This ...

MembranesCoMem - Ceramic Membrane

by LiqTech International A/S     based in Ballerup, DENMARK

The CoMem elements are designed for removal of suspended solids as well as oil droplets and oil-emulsions from solutions.

MembranesCoMemConduit - Ceramic Membrane

by LiqTech International A/S     based in Ballerup, DENMARK

The CoMem Conduits are our industrial sized elements and are the newest version of our CoMem filters.

Ceramic Membranes

by inopor GmbH     based in Hermsdorf, GERMANY

Ceramic membranes for micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration.

Model TAMI - Ceramic Membranes

by Membracon Process Separations b.v.     based in NETHERLANDS

TAMI ceramic membranes, together with our knowledge and experience in process- and process engineering makes Membracon the ideal partner. TAMI Industries designs and manufactures industrial ceramic filters (membranes) for the separation of molecules of liquids in fine ultrafiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration. Membrane: A thin ...

CFS Ceramic Membranes

by SJE-Rhombus     based in Detroit Lakes, MINNESOTA (USA)

Ceramic Filtration Solutions offers ceramic tubular and flat sheet membranes for micro and ultra-filtration processes for water and wastewater applications.SJE-Rhombus, the industry-leading manufacturer of water and wastewater control solutions, provides one of the most complete CFS (Ceramic Filtration Solutions) product lines, including tubular ...

Pentair - Model CRE-1 - Sediment Reduction Cartridges

by Pentair Residental Filtration, LLC.     based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA)

CRE-1 cartridges are manufactured from a sintered ceramic filtration media. They are designed and tested for the reduction of Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts, and are ideal for fine sediment filtration applications.

MembranesAquaSolution - Ceramic Membrane

by LiqTech International A/S     based in Ballerup, DENMARK

The Aqua Solution membranes are our dead-end filter solution for liquids with lower amount of suspended solids. The membrane substrate has a dead-end design, which yields a more cost efficient filtration performance compared to other filtration principles.

GEA Filtration - Model M Pharma - Membrane Filtration Plant

by GEA Filtration     based in Hudson, WISCONSIN (USA)

The Model M Pharma membrane filtration plant is a highly flexible laboratory scale system for pharmaceutical and biotechnology cGMP processing and application development.

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