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Membrane Filtration / Reverse Osmosis

by Hoffland Environmental, Inc.

If your water treatment requirements require high quality water with a minimum of chemical manipulation then a HEI Reverse Osmosis system may be just what the doctor ordered!

Aslan - Integrated Reverse Osmosis System

by Aslan Technologies

As a reverse osmosis manufacturer and installer, Aslan has made dozens of integrated RO system skids to suit a wide variety of filtration requirements. Even with membranes solely intended for working with water, it is necessary to consider exactly what needs to be filtered out and match the correct membrane material to suit the purpose. Incorrect ...

TriClean - Model 210 - High Performance - Low pH RO Membrane Cleaner for RO & NF Membranes

by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc

TriClean 210 is a high performance cleaner for low pH conditions. This highly effective cleaner was developed to eliminate acid soluble mineral scales, such as metal oxides, sulfate and calcium carbonate scales from Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis membrane elements. TriClean 210 is available in a powder form - 40 pound or 100 pound containers.

TriClean - Model 212TF - High pH RO Membrane Cleaner - Designed for Composite Polyamide Membranes

by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc

TriClean 212TF is a wide range high pH cleaner developed for high performance composite polyamide RO membranes. This flexible cleaner should be used at a pH level of 11.5 to remove biological and organic contaminants as well as silt. The TriClean 212TF High pH Cleaner is used in many industries including extensively in the beverage industry with ...

Reverse Osmosis Membranes - Brackish Water

by Woongjin Chemical Co Ltd

Reverse osmosis membranes are used widely for brackish water desalination. CSM brackish water RO membrane is especially more effective when the feed water is within 10,000 ppm of concentration. Because of its high performance rate and chemical resistance, it can be used for a variety of purposes. It is used in producing drinking water, industrial ...

TriPol - Model 9510 - High Performance RO Anti-Scalant Chemical for Scale/Silica

by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc

TriPol 9510 is a high performance anti-scalant chemical developed to protect and enhance the operation of RO and NF systems, by controlling mineral scale formation due to silica, carbonate, sulfate, and fluoride compounds. In most water types, proper use of TriPol 9510 can significantly increase allowable system recoveries and thus expand the ...

Waterworks - Brackish Reverse Osmosis Systems

by Waterworks Technologies Inc.

Brackish water has a wide range of compositions and can have total dissolve solids (TDS) concentrations anywhere between 50 – 12, 000 mg/l. For brackish water RO systems the common recovery limiting factors are: Chemical precipitation, Bio fouling.

TriClean - Model 218 - High pH RO Membrane Cleaner - Designed for Dairy & Food Industries

by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc

TriClean 218 is a high pH liquid cleaner developed specifically for applications in the dairy and food industry. This cleaner is designed for applications where daily high pH membrane cleaning and sanitization are required. The TriClean 218 High pH Cleaner is available in liquid form - 5 gallon or 55 gallon containers.

TriClean - Model 214CA - High Performance Buffered Liquid Cleaner - Designed for Cellulose Acetate Membranes

by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc

TriClean 214CA is exclusively developed as a high pH buffered cleaner for cellulose acetate RO membranes. This cleaner is buffered to a neutral pH value of 7 to provide protection for cellulose acetate membrane elements from hydrolysis during cleaning. This buffered 20% liquid concentrate cleaning solution will remove organic and biological ...

TriPol - Model 9010 - Acrylic Acid/Phosphonate - RO Anti-Scalant Chemical for High Fouling Applications

by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc

TriPol 9010 Anti-scalant RO chemical was formulated to meet the pretreatment demands of high recovery NF and RO systems with high fouling tendencies. TriPol 9010 provides enhanced protection for dealing with calcium carbonate scaling while still offering a high degree of sulfate scale prevention. The TriPol 9010 advanced anti-scalant chemical ...

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