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Reverse Osmosis Plant

by Hydro-X Water Treatment Ltd     based in Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM

Reverse Osmosis can be used for purifying water for final rinse waters, boiler feed water and pre-treatment before de-ionizing units when high purity water is required. The equipment requires little maintenance and the membranes can be easily cleaned, disinfected and replaced. The equipment has many applications with standard duties up to ...

Reverse Osmosis Plant

by Triton Water AG     based in Norderstedt, GERMANY

Reverse osmosis is a membrane separating process that achieves a large measure of water desalination. Reverse osmosis membranes are permeable to the water solvent, but not to the dissolved contents. A pressure pump applies an external pressure to the membrane with a magnitude greater than the osmotic pressure. This results in separating the water ...

Reverse Osmosis Plants

by Pentacque srl     based in Brescia, ITALY

The reverse osmosis is a process of removing the bodies from using semi membranes.  The treatment plants are reverse osmosis facilities that allow the passage of water, but believe the dissolved minerals, colloids and bacteria. Treatment of reverse osmosis Pentacque achieves is to force the water through a membrane to separate the semi ...

SIMPEC - Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Plant

by SIMPEC S.r.l.     based in Nova Milanese (MB), ITALY

Reverse osmosis plants use the membrane selectivity to obtain the water demineralization. This process doesn’t consist only of a physical obstacle (produced by the membrane pores dimensions) to the passage of the molecules, but it use the different chemical affinity of the solutions with the membrane, permitting the hydrophile molecules (or ...

EnviroFALK - Membrane Compact Plants

by EnviroChemie GmbH     based in Rossdorf bei Darmstadt, GERMANY

We supply plants for micro filtration, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration or nanofiltration in a compact design for low throughput volumes. We customise the plant exactly to your requirements, ensuring that the water quality you need is generated. Our experienced service team is at your disposal for all questions relating to the plant.

Velo - Reverse Osmosis

by Velo Acciai Srl     based in San Zenone degli Ezzelini, ITALY

In the wine industry, in order to balance climatic alternations, Reverse Osmosis plants are a more profitable alternative to traditional technologies such as MCR, cryoconcentration, vacuum-evaporation, etc.

SIMPEC - Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration Plant

by SIMPEC S.r.l.     based in Nova Milanese (MB), ITALY

Ultrafiltration plants with ceramic membranes are mostly used to divide compounds with medium-high weight molecules. Ultrafiltration plants are applied at the effluent, on close loop, in order to reach the required concentration and a filtrate solution called permeate. The advantage of the ceramic membranes is that they resist to different kind of ...

PERMAQ - Model Compact 41 - Reverse Osmosis

by HOH Water Technology A/S     based in Greve, DENMARK

Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation process whereby water is pumped at high pressure onto a semi permeable membrane. The dissolved salts (concentrate) are rejected by the membrane and water molecules flow through the membrane as purified water (permeate). Over 99% of dissolved salts are removed including the rejection of micro organisms such ...

BRACKISH - Revers Osmosis Plant

by BIODOS e.k.     based in Wuppertal, GERMANY

Technically, brackish water contains between 0.5 to 30 grams of salt per litre. Brackish water covers a range of salinity regimes and is not considered a precisely defined condition. It is characteristic of many brackish surface waters that their salinity can vary considerably over space and/or time. Reverse Osmosis systems can be used to remove ...

Reverse Osmosis Systems

by Shivsu Canadian Clear     based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA)

Shivsu Canadian Clear silver stream specialising in reverse osmosis water purification system.The product range has backing from one of the world leaders in reverse osmosis plant with a proven technical background. The reverse osmosis system offered are ideal for treating of raw water carrying over 1500 MG/LTR total dissolved solids. A combination ...

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