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TubeTastic! - Tube Oil Skimmer

by Abanaki Corporation     based in Chagrin Falls, OHIO (USA)

The Abanaki TubeTastic! oil skimmer can be used on machining centers with little or no access to the coolant sump from above. This unit can skim oil from chip conveyors or even totally enclosed machining centers!

Hydrasep - Mobile Oil/Water Separators

by Hydrasep, Inc.     based in Hernando, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

Mobile separators are ideal for temporary use such as during tank cleaning or spill response.  During cleaning operations or spill response, water is used to wash down contaminated surfaces.  It is then collected and hauled away. The recovery of oil spills that impact bodies of water is sometimes done by pumping or ...

Fishboy - Tube Type Oil Skimmer

by SkimOil Inc.     based in Carrboro, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Skimoil's Fishboy Oil Skimmers use our specially formulated FishTube collector tube that is sized in length for the application and welded into a continuous loop. FishTube collector tube floats on the surface of water and is driven in a continuous loop by the skimmer. Oils, fats, and grease cling to the outside surface of the tube and are drawn ...

Oil Recovery

by NOREN AS     based in Godvik-Bergen, NORWAY

Noren Bergen AS is an all Norwegian company and are located at Alvøen west of Bergen. All toghether we are 40 high qualified people including 8 engineers. The total plant is about 4500 sqm. Noren Bergen As is qualified in the Achilles database system. The mecanical workshop is NS-EN ISO 9001/2000 certified. Noren Bergen AS philosophy is simply to ...

Oil Skimmers

by Cadex     based in Kenmore, NEW YORK (USA)

An oil skimmer collects floating oil from a solution regardless of other debris or contaminants. This oil can then be reclaimed or concentrated for disposal. This provides a variety of benefits, including: Better Finished Products: Removing oil during the manufacturing process can prevent dirty parts, which often results in a better finish. ...

OPEC - Model HV - Low Capacity Oil Skimmer

by Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd     based in Birstall, Batley, UNITED KINGDOM

The HV System has been developed from the present well established and proven mop systems which are in operation worldwide. The equipment is simple and quick to set up and the installation of the system is also very simple. Mop changes are also very quick and easy to carry out and ready joined continuous loops of mop can easily be threaded between ...

OPEC - Model OM-Series - Inshore Emergency Oil Skimmer

by Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd     based in Birstall, Batley, UNITED KINGDOM

A self-sufficient oil recovery system using polypropylene mops for marine use: For use in docks, harbours and close inshore clean-up operations. The package is self-contained in a metal storage container for easy handling and storing of the system when not in use. The ocean mop system is based on the highly successful e-series range of products. ...

DESMI - Model Mini-Max - Self-Adjusting Weir Skimmer

by Oil Control Systems     based in TV Monster, NETHERLANDS

The unique MINI-MAX is a self-adjusting weir skimmer thats capable of recovering a wide range of oils and products floating on the water surface. It is ideal for small industrial separators, tanks and water. This skimmer can be coupled directly to a vacuum truck or other suction pumps zoals diaphragm pumps. The MINI-MAX is ideal for skimming a ...

URO - Model 600 - Offshore Oil Skimming System

by Zwanny-Ltd     based in Cwmbran, UNITED KINGDOM

The URO 600 Offshore Oil Skimming System features four recovery modules using RBS TRITON technology capable of recovering over 600m³/h. The URO 600 system consists of three major components: the RBS TRITON 600 oil skimmer head, hydraulic power pack, and floating-hose reel system with integrated crane.

Floating Skimmer

by Airsys     based in Kimhae, SOUTH KOREA

Exsiting floating skimmer is too difficult to be regularly maintained the location of oil skimming (wear lip). As the amount of inhaled fluid in pump is increased, the exhaust chamber is empty. And the buoyant force is rised, subsquently wear lip becomes floated on the surface of the water or submerged under the water. However, if the flow rate of ...

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