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OPEC - E-Series - Industrial Oil Skimmer

by Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd

The E-Series is the third generation of oil skimmers, developed since the late 1970’s supplying equipment for industry and emergency spill response. The E-Series is the main thrust of OPEC’s drive to battle with pollution control worldwide. Its applications are many and varied, both as permanent installations and emergency spill response.

Mini Max - Oil Skimmers

by Environmental Remediation Equipment Inc. (ERE)

Skimming Oil is Easy with ERE's Skimming Devices. The Mini Max is a heavy duty skimmer for continuous operation. The Mini Max with its high recovery rate of 20 gpm is a dependable and effective means of removing floating oil from water under the most demanding industrial conditions. The corrosion-resistant polypropylene frame gives the Mini Max ...

Oil Skimmers

by Baldwin Industrial Systems Pty Ltd. (BIS)

The range includes floating, continuous belt, disk and tube skimmers of various sizes and materials.Manufactured by Abanaki Corporation, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA. There are numerous sizes, configurations, capabilities and belt types.

ABASCO - T-Series - Skimmers


T-Series skimmers provide efficient oil recovery in both spill response and industrial applications.

PetroXtractor - Belt Oil Skimmer

by Entech Environmental and Industrial Equipment

The Abanaki PetroXtractor is a dependable and cost effective means of removing oil, fuel, and other floating hydrocarbons from water where access to the fluid surface is limited. It provides efficient remediation of groundwater contaminated by oil, using existing recovery and monitoring wells. Often, the PetroXtractor Belt Oil Skimmer working ...

Oil Spill Cleanup Skimmers

by Granite Environmental, Inc

Oil spill cleanup skimmers for recovery of crude oil, vegetable oil, fats, grease and oil sheen. Our range of oil spill recovery skimmers are available with disc, brush or drum technology. Oil recovery skimmers are widely used in industrial lagoons, sumps, harbors, ports and spill clean up operations. Each oil skimmer varies in recovery rate, ...

Ambar - Barracuda 3 - Oil Skimming System

by Ambar Oil Skimmers

The Barracuda 3 oil skimming system is designed for small industrial applications such as sumps, basins or any in-plant location where tramp oil collects. Two 3” diameters, electricity powered squeegee rollers are capable of pulling up to fifty feet of rope mop. The Barracuda 3 oil skimmer uses either belt mop or rope mop in both horizontal ...

Ambar - Barracuda 4 - Oil Skimming System

by Ambar Oil Skimmers

The Barracuda 4 oil skimming system is designed for medium to large industrial applications such as pits, holding ponds, API separator waste tanks, or any location where waste oil collects. This unit is capable of pulling between 200 and 250 feet of Rope Mope and can achieve very high oil recovery rates. The Barracuda 4’s high recovery rates ...

Canadyne MopSkimmer - Compact and Reliable Oleophilic Rope Mop

by Canadyne Technologies, Inc.

The Canadyne MopSkimmer removes floating oils from separators, sumps, and tanks using an oleophilic rope mop. This floating mop is driven over the surface of the oil by a drive unit which also squeezes the oil out of the rope for recovery. Rope skimmers use an oil attracting rope to remove floating oils from the water surface. Effective in a wide ...

E-COS - ECO-5 - High Performance Oil Skimmers


At E-COS, we design and manufacture quality high performance industrial oil skimmers. Our skimmers are belt skimmers to separate tramp oil from industrial fluid. The tramp oil removal is essential for the performance and life time of any industrial fluids. E-COS belt skimmers are available from our exclusive oil skimmer distributors, oil skimmer ...

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