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TigerTube - Model TT25 1/4 Diameter - Oil Skimmer Collector

by SkimTech Inc.

The TT25 1/4' diameter TigerTube is designed for use with our Skimall Model AG25 'Mini David' Oil Skimming System.  The TT25 collector tube will work with any tube type oil skimmer that uses a ¼” diameter collector tube.

Floating Skimmer

by Airsys

Exsiting floating skimmer is too difficult to be regularly maintained the location of oil skimming (wear lip). As the amount of inhaled fluid in pump is increased, the exhaust chamber is empty. And the buoyant force is rised, subsquently wear lip becomes floated on the surface of the water or submerged under the water. However, if the flow rate of ...

DESMI - Model RO-MOP - Skimmer


The RO-MOP is ideal for recovery of light, medium and emulsified oils in rivers, lagoons, swamps and other inland waters. Long lengths of mop can be used enabling oil some distance from the wringer unit to be collected.

OPEC - Model HV - Low Capacity Oil Skimmer

by Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd

The HV System has been developed from the present well established and proven mop systems which are in operation worldwide. The equipment is simple and quick to set up and the installation of the system is also very simple. Mop changes are also very quick and easy to carry out and ready joined continuous loops of mop can easily be threaded between ...

Belt Skimmers

by SkimOil Inc.

Belt skimmers lift and remove unwanted floating tramp oils from metalworking coolants, parts washing machines, pressure spray operations, oil leakage pits, wastewater, and water treatment tanks. Optional accessories include adjustable stand to discharge oil into 55 gal drum and oil/water separators to recycle host fluid and provide 100% oil.

URO - Model 600 - Offshore Oil Skimming System

by Zwanny-Ltd

The URO 600 Offshore Oil Skimming System features four recovery modules using RBS TRITON technology capable of recovering over 600m³/h. The URO 600 system consists of three major components: the RBS TRITON 600 oil skimmer head, hydraulic power pack, and floating-hose reel system with integrated crane.

Mavi Deniz - Model 50 - Multi Skimmer (Brush / Disc / Drum)

by Mavi Deniz Environmental Protection Services Co.

Mavi Deniz Multi Skimmer 50 is a high efficiency skimmer for recovering of floating oil on water. The unit can be fitted with interchangeable skimming heads ( disc, drum, or brush ) to allow for optimum performance in all oil types and viscosities. Standard units come complete with skimmer head, pump unit, hydraulic and transfer hoses, ...

Lucy - Model BG34 - Standard Size Tube Type Oil Skimming System

by SkimTech Inc.

The Model BG34 Oil Skimming System is designed to remove free-floating oils, fats, grease and other material from the surface of water in indoor and outdoor applications.  Typical applications include “tramp oil”removal from central coolant systems, waste water treatment oil/water equalization tanks, outdoor oil/water separators, ...

TigerTube - Model TT34 3/4 Diameter - Oil Skimmer Collector

by SkimTech Inc.

The TT34 3/4' diameter TigerTube is designed for use with our Skimall Model BG34 'Lucy' Oil Skimming System. It is also the standard size collector tube used by most Tube Type oil skimmers...the ideal replacement collector tube for a Model 6V or 5H Oil Skimmer.

Lamor - Oil Recovery Bucket (LRB)

by Lamor Corporation AB

The Oil Recovery Bucket, based on the proven stiff-brush wheel technology, offers the highest possible performance and safety levels for shoreline, on-land, offshore and arctic oil spill recovery operations. The LRB separates oils, emulsions and oily debris from sea water or soils. Recovered oil contains less than 5% free water. It operates most ...

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