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Oil Recovery


Noren Bergen AS is an all Norwegian company and are located at Alvøen west of Bergen. All toghether we are 40 high qualified people including 8 engineers. The total plant is about 4500 sqm. Noren Bergen As is qualified in the Achilles database system. The mecanical workshop is NS-EN ISO 9001/2000 certified. Noren Bergen AS philosophy is simply to ...

ZCL - Gravity Oil/Water Separators

by ZCL Composites INC.

Thanks to gravity, all the power you need is free. ZCL’s gravity separators have no external energy requirement and have no moving parts. This means no operations costs or parts replacement.

Oil Recovery

by MCS Technologies

MCS Technologies has developed the most efficient centrifuge equipment and chemical program for oil recovery available at this time. The MCS Oil Recovery program is used in many of the major refineries to process and recover thousands of barrels of oil daily.

Mercer - Retrofitting Existing Oil Water Separators

by Mercer International Inc.

Mercer can retrofit another brand's separator when it is not meeting the client's performance needs. Often times the best way to prove the higher performance of the Compliance Master™ separator is to place our 'guts' in another brand's existing separator. If the original tank shell is in sound shape, we can design our internal components to ...

Separation Chemicals

by Hudson Industries

We offer a range of emulsion breaking and flotation aid chemicals,fully integrated with Hudson Industries' separation equipment. Custom designed for your application. Anionic and cationic polymers. Metal precipitants. Flocculants. Adsorbents. Custom blended products.

Model ECOS - Above Ground Oil Water Separators

by Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC

Oil water separators are systems used as an efficient method to separate oils and some solids from a variety of wastewater discharges. They are typically installed in industrial and maintenance areas and receive oily wastewater. Our line of above ground oil water separators will assist in the removal of large quantities of free oil from your ...

Coalescing Oil/Water Separators

by Enprotec

Enprotec Oil Water Separators are well recognized throughout the world. Enprotec provides four products for oil water separation.' Enprotec oil coalescers contain special oleophillic media packs that attract oil and repel water. Coalescers are at least ten times more efficient for oil removal than simple API separation tanks. Acidulated animal ...

Compass - Model ULTRA-SEP™ Standard - Bilge Water Separators

by Compass Water Solutions (CWS)

ULTRA-SEP is a two-stage system. The fi rst stage effi ciently removes free oil using our HELI-SEP coalescing matrix separator, which is familiar to ship operators worldwide, with more than 20,000 in service around the world. The second stage SPIR-O-LATOR technology provides a positive physical barrier to break emulsions and provide continuous ...

Monroe - API Oil/Water Separators

by Monroe Environmental Corporation

Gravity separation of free oil and solids from wastewater in refineries and other industrial plants designed per API Specifications. Monroe custom oil/water separators are designed per American Petroleum Institute standards (API) for above and below ground installations. The Monroe API Separator is designed for the removal of free oil and solids. ...

Kleerwater - Gravity Oil/Water Separator

by Brown-Minneapolis Tank

The Kleerwater Gravity Oil/Water Separator separates free-floating oils and greases from water mixtures. Its design is based on Stokes’ law, which defines the terminal velocity of oil spheres in a liquid medium.

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