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Ultraviolet Lamps

by Alpha Cure (UK)     based in Daventry, UNITED KINGDOM

UV curing technologies have proven to be the fastest and most environmentally friendly solution to drying inks, paints, varnishes, adhesives and for the disinfection process of both water and air. The market has grown rapidly in recent years with many printing, bonding & coating houses replacing traditional coating, adhesive and printing ...

Ozone Oxidator Units

by Hydro-Elektrik GmbH / RWT GmbH / Hydro-Elektrik AS / HydroGroup     based in Ravensburg, GERMANY

The HYDROZON® oxidator units of the POX series were designed especially for use in the fields of swimming pool technology and water technology.

Amalgam - UV Lamps for Disinfection and Oxidation

by Heraeus Noblelight GmbH     based in Hanau, GERMANY

The Heraeus GoldSpot amalgam lamps are regarded as the market-leading product - primarily due to their long service life and unique Longlife technology. The extremely long-life high-performance low-pressure lamps achieve an up to ten times higher UV power density compared to conventional mercury low-pressure lamps and can be used at higher ambient ...

Germicidal Lamp

by Australian Ultra Violet Services Pty Ltd     based in Thomastown, AUSTRALIA

Extensive research has led to the development of today’s highly efficient and compact germicidal lamps. They are low pressure mercury-argon. For most practical purposes they may be considered monochromatic sources of 254nm, since 94% of the energy radiated in the visible and ultraviolet section of the spectrum is concentrated in this one ...

S.I.T.A. - Model Serie 400 DS - Disinfection UV Units

by S.I.T.A. srl     based in Genova, ITALY

Disinfection UV units of 400 DS SERIES use low pressure amalgam lamps. Amalgam lamps have higher lifespan and efficiency than standard low pressure lamps. Lifespan is around 14.000 hrs and these lamps work perfectly with low and high water temperatures. In this Series of UV system SITA uses powerful lamps that will allow, at the same treated flow ...

Patriot - Model D438 - UV Water Treatment Systems

by NeoTech Aqua Solutions, Inc.     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

NeoTech Aqua Solutions’ Patriot Series utilizes D438TM chamber technology in a stacked and manifolded configuration to support larger flow volumes. By integrating NeoTech Aqua’s patented ReFleX chamber technology, Patriot systems provide the most efficient and versatile UV water treatment equipment available for large volume users. ...

UV Disinfection Systems

by Jurby WaterTech International     based in London, UNITED KINGDOM

Disinfection of water by ultraviolet technologies is one of the most popular, economic and safe technologies of disinfection in the world. Ultraviolet energy causes permanent inactivation of microorganisms by disrupting their DNA so that they are no longer able to maintain metabolism or reproduce. The maximum effectiveness occurs at the wavelength ...

Ozone Injection System

by Specialty Systems Integrators, Inc.     based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA)

Ozone-air sparging provides enhanced stripping of VOCs from groundwater while introducing ozone as a highly reactive oxidant to destroy the targeted compounds. Ozone is a highly reactive chemical that has proven to be effective in destroying a wide variety of organic chemicals, including MTBE and chlorinated VOCs. Ozone destroys organic chemicals ...

DeltaLine - Medium Pressure UV Lamps

by bestUV BV     based in Best, NETHERLANDS

The DeltaLine UV series features ‘in-one-line’ positioning of the inlet and outlet connections. The UV lamps are high-output medium-pressure polychromatic types, positioned perpendicularly to the flow. The high-output medium-pressure (MP) UV lamps emit wavelengths between 200 and 400nm. DeltaLine UV systems are typically used in ...

DULCOTEST - Ozone Sensors

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH     based in Heidelberg, GERMANY

DULCOTEST Ozone sensors are designed for a measuring range of 0 to 2 mg/l. They are also used in connection with ProMinent Ozone generation plants.

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