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DULCOTEST - pH Electrodes

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

PH Electrodes of our DULCOTEST series offer a large range of pH electrodes for the solution of your pH value measuring problem. The production of our pH electrodes is subject to strictest quality controls and is automated in routine steps but effected manually and with professional control in critical steps. Thus, we can achieve for you an optimum ...

SenTix - pH Electrodes

by WTW GmbH - a xylem brand

Ideal for portable measurements, as well as for routine measurements in-the-laboratory. With or without built-in temperature probe all electrodes have robust plastic shafts and a low-maintenance gel reference system.

Model P10/S7 - pH Electrodes


PH Range: 0-14,E O Point; -25mV to +25mV,Temp Range oC: 0-80,Response Time: <30 sees 95% FSD,Ret. Type: N/A separate Reference Required,Junction Type: N/A,Shaft Length: 120mm ± 2mm,Shaft Dla. mm: 11.8- 12.2mm,Cable Length: N/A,Connector: S7,Combination: No,Body Type: Glass,Application: General Purpose.

Model E-903 - pH Combination Electrode

by Shanghai Ruosull Technology Co Ltd

with Glass Body High/low ionic concentration solution measurement, such as rain, acid rain, waster water, seawater, drinking water and distilled water. pH Range 0-14, Temp. Range(C) 5-90, Liquid Junction Type Te on, Reference Junction Double Junction/Sealed, Internal Reference Type Ag/AgCl, Dimensions(mm) Φ12x160.

Model PP10 - pH PLUS Electrodes


PH Range: 0-14,E O Point: OmV to +25mV(when used with Reference PR1),Temp Range oC: 0-100,Response Time: <10secs95%FSD,Ret. Type: N/A,Junction Type: N/A,Shaft Length: 120mm ± 2mm,Shaft Dla. mm: 12mm,Cable Length: 1 Metre,Connector: BNC (Others availiable upon request),Combination: No,Body Type: Glass,Application: High Acccuracy pH. ...

pH Half-cells and Reference Electrodes

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

Recommended for applications where the life time of the pH electrode is significantly shorter than that of the reference electrode.

Model IDS pH/ORP - Digital Electrodes for MultiLine

by WTW GmbH - a xylem brand

pH/ORP electrodes are the most commonly used electrochemical sensors. At the same time, they provide the most sensitive measuring signals and must be serviced and calibrated on a routine basis. The concept of IDS sensors precisely takes effect here. Digital data transfer without interferences allows the user to use a long cable and enables ...

HE11 pH Electrode

by Awa Instruments

Low internal resistance & interference, ceramic material for long use in tough conditions, durable unique blue shell design to interfere with anti-UV and low cost.Range 0-14 pH

Model Hi1230B - Ph Electrode with 3 Cord

by Pike Agri-Lab Supplies, Inc.

Ph Electrode with  3\' cord that can be attached to any meter that has a BNC type connector on it. Suitable for the Kruger & eckels pH100, the HI 8424 or HI 9025 to name a few.

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