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SensoLyt - Model pH/ORP - Sensor Systems

by WTW GmbH - a xylem brand     based in Weilheim, GERMANY

For continuous pH/ORP measurement, especially under the difficult conditions very often found in sewage treatment facilities, very high demands are made concerning the reliability and operating safety of the systems employed. Designed specifically for these harsh applications, the SensoLyt® sensors are precision engineered assemblies, which ...

Model pH/ORP - Industrial Sensors

by Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc. (ASTI)     based in Orange, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Rugged line of industrial pH and ORP sensors for inline, immersion & submersible, twist lock quick disconnect, valve retractable and sanitary installation types.  Available for wide range of applications from slurry/viscous solutions, sulfides, high-temperature, organic applications with various solvents, HF etching and treatment systems ...

Model pH/ORP - Electrode Storage Solution

by HM Digital, Inc.     based in Culver City, CALIFORNIA (USA)

For use with HM Digital's PH-200 and ORP-200. Always make sure your sensor is kept in an electrode storage solution. If dry, refill the cap with the OP-STOR storage solution.

IC Controls - Model 653-9 - Two-Wire pH/ORP Transmitter, Explosion Proof

by IC Controls Ltd.     based in Orangeville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

IC Controls has incorporated microprocessor technology into the two-wire transmitters. pH and ORP measurement can be critical to your process and must be strictly monitored and maintained. Analyzer intelligence goes beyond measurement and control, providing the user with calibration data including sensor cell constant, range and diagnostics. ...

IC Controls - Model 607 - Cartridge pH Sensor

by IC Controls Ltd.     based in Orangeville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The 607 replaceable pH cartridge is constructed from 2 cm (¾ inch) schedule 80 PVDF pipe, with the sensor assembly fully encapsulated for outstanding reliability and economy on applications to 90°C (194°F). This replaceable sensor element fits inside the stainless steel or titanium 43 cm (17 inch) body. The IC Controls model 607 ...

IC Controls - Model 602 - Light Industrial pH Sensor

by IC Controls Ltd.     based in Orangeville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The 602 pH sensor is constructed from PVC, with the sensor fully encapsulated for outstanding reliability on submersion applications. It mounts on a ¾ inch NPT thread in the end of a 1 inch support pipe, or can be suspended from its lead. The unique IC Controls “cushion mounted” pH electrode design is used with a large plug ...

IC Controls - Model 615 - Pure-Water pH Sensor

by IC Controls Ltd.     based in Orangeville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Benefits for Pure Water Measurement; Close spacing between sensor components sharply reduces high impedence and ion effects for stable pH readings. Small internals allow low-flow with fast pH response.

IC Controls - Model 614 - True-Union pH Sensor

by IC Controls Ltd.     based in Orangeville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The model 614 true-union pH sensor is a downsized version of the model 642, offered in an easy-to-install configuration for insertion or submersion applications. The true-union style threaded fitting locks in the sensor for extra safety and very easy removal. Recommended for applications where frequent removal in tough application for calibration, ...

IC Controls - Model 642 - Process Combination pH Sensor

by IC Controls Ltd.     based in Orangeville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The IC Controls model 642 pH sensor is a low-cost solution to traditional leakage problems associated with submersible pH sensors. The sensor assembly is designed to work with the electronics package located in a junction box above the liquid level. The assembly is completely encapsulated and comes with a standard 3 meter (10 foot) lead. This ...

Model IDS pH/ORP - Digital Electrodes for MultiLine

by WTW GmbH - a xylem brand     based in Weilheim, GERMANY

pH/ORP electrodes are the most commonly used electrochemical sensors. At the same time, they provide the most sensitive measuring signals and must be serviced and calibrated on a routine basis. The concept of IDS sensors precisely takes effect here. Digital data transfer without interferences allows the user to use a long cable and enables ...

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