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Point-of-Entry Systems

by OZOMAX Inc.     based in Shefford, QUEBEC (CANADA)

The very reactive nature of ozone makes it the ideal oxidant for residential point-of-entry water treatment. Ozone will:

EthorCEL - High Purity Water Recycling Systems

by Exergy Technologies Corporation     based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Exergy’s EthorCEL® is our first patented platform for point of use (high purity) recovery and reuse of high purity water, in high technology applications. EthorCEL® recovers 90% of the incoming feed rinse water, removing 99% of the incoming impurities at 1/3 of the cost of conventional water purification technologies.

Mini - Tankless Electric Water Heaters

by Stiebel Eltron, Inc.     based in West Hatfield, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Stiebel Eltron Mini tankless water heaters are designed for installation at the point-of-use. The Mini heats water instantaneously as it flows through the unit. Stand-by heat-losses are completely eliminated. The efficient heating elements are controlled by a simple flow switch. Additionally, all Mini water heaters are equipped with a safety ...

Isolux - Point of Entry Systems

by ISOLUX Technology     based in Flemington, NEW JERSEY (USA)

MEL Chemicals´ ISOLUX Point of Entry (POE) is a self-contained, robust, rapid deployment system designed specifically for arsenic removal. Treating flows up to 10 gpm, this unit is capable of removing both arsenic III and V down to non-detectible levels. Designed specifically to provide you with piece of mind, this “Whole Home” ...

Purified Water Systems

by Amazon Filters Ltd     based in Camberley, UNITED KINGDOM

Purified water systems are used by a diverse range of industries and the design of the system and the purification equipment used will depend on the users’ operation. For instance the needs of a hospital renal unit will be very different to a microchip manufacturer. Whether it is a softener, EDI system, RO membrane, UV tube or storage tank, ...

Infinity Point-of-Entry Filtration

by Green Fueltech Pte Ltd     based in SINGAPORE

Although the water companies do everything possible to supply absolutely perfect drinking water, foreign particles still contaminate the pipes in numerous homes. The causes of this are many and varied: some local water supply networks are old and overloaded. In the course of repair work and new connections, sand, mud, sealing and coating materials ...

MTN - Model HB 215-3GI-SIP - High Performance Water Cooler

by MTN Products, Inc.     based in La Verne, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Our high performance water cooler specifically designed to meet the demand of heavy use filtration installations. The Horizonsh comes with a large capacity 3 gallon cold tank and a 2.0L hot tank. There is a front access panel allowing easy installation of filter systems including multi-stage Reverse Osmosis systems. The cooler is easily controlled ...

Model VS115 - Stainless Steel Cooler

by MTN Products, Inc.     based in La Verne, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Our stainless steel cooler is designed to fit right in with today's modern appliances. It is crafted on top of our proven cooler technology and is made of special smudge resistant stainless steel. The filtration model comes with our dependable, dual mechanical float and lid. It can easily be converted to a bottled water model by removing the float ...

Pentair - Under-Sink Drinking Water Systems

by Pentair Residental Filtration, LLC.     based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA)

PENTEK offers systems suitable for under-sink, Point of Use (POU) installation. PENTEK offers systems suitable for under-sink, Point of Use (POU) installation. These units offer a variety of contaminant reduction capabilities.

Wyckomar - Model SYS250 - Water Treatment System

by Wyckomar Inc     based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The SYS250 is an All-in-One Water Treat¬ment System that is sized for the needs of the smaller household (up to 3 people) to provide complete purified drinking water for domestic use. Typically installed at the point of entry, it is used for treating municipal water as well as ground water from drilled or dug wells, and surface water from ...

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