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Cycle Stop - Model CSV1/1.25 - Pump Control Valves

by Cycle Stop Valves, Inc.     based in Lubbock, TEXAS (USA)

The CYCLE STOP VALVE models CSV1/1.25 are constant pressure pump control valves that automatically adjust pump output to match variable flow requirements. Downstream of the CSV1 and CSV1.25, pressure remains constant as long as demand on the system is between 1 and 25 gpm for the 1” and 2-50 gpm for the 1 1/4”. As flow rates vary, the ...

Commercial Domestic Water Systems

by 4i Water Services Ltd     based in Suffolk, UNITED KINGDOM

All commercial domestic water systems should have a continuous bacterial control regime in place. Traditionally most systems have used temperature control, hence the need to regularly monitor this aspect. Increasingly continuous injection of chemical disinfectants is used as an alternative. This must be completed under approval of DWI. The most ...

Domestic Water Filtration

by Ecoworld     based in Hamilton, NEW ZEALAND

In home water filtration helps to improve the water quality for you and your family for drinking and general use. If you have concerns with unpleasant tastes and odours, organics, chlorine or even fluoride, we can provide the treatment solution you are after. Point of use bench top or under bench filters - Whole of house filtration ...

HELIOSRES - Domestic PV Roofs

by HELIOSRES Renewable Energy Sources     based in VRILISSIA, GREECE

HELIOSRES is ISO 9001:2008 certified, which ensures top-quality construction for your turnkey P/V systems. With proven know-how and experience in installed P/V systems throughout Greece, totalling over 14 MW, HELIOSRES is your ideal partner. Our know-how and the broad range of innovative services provided will cover all of your specific needs for ...

Horiba - Model TPNA-500 - Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus Monitoring System

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     based in Leichlingen, GERMANY

A state-of-the-art model adopting 60 years of water measurement technology, which achieves a reduction in life cycle costs, and compliance with regulations and corporate compliance.

StrathKelvin - Model ASP-Con - Activated Sludge Plant Controller

by Strathkelvin Instruments Ltd.     based in Motherwell, UNITED KINGDOM

The treatment of domestic sewage and industrial wastewaters is a critical activity to ensure that the environment is protected from the consequences of contaminated waterways. One of the most effective and enduring methods of treating these wastewaters uses bacteria to consume the organic contaminants before discharging to our streams, rivers and ...

Flexx - H2OSS Selection Matrix - Polish Deionization Components

by Global Industrial Water     based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA)

The primary purpose of Polish components is further polish Reverse Osmosis (RO) permeate prior to being delivered to the point of use.

Nobel - Model 100lt - Electroboiler

by Nobel Xilinakis D. & Co     based in GREECE

The NOBEL Electroboilers is designed and developed to generate Domestic Hot Water, quickly and cost effectively, with the use of electric energy. Can be connected to the central heating system through a specially designed heat exchanger, as assistance for the DHW generation.The specialised R&D personnel designs it by using innovative 3-D ...

Nobel - Model 8 It - Electric Water Heater

by Nobel Xilinakis D. & Co     based in GREECE

The NOBEL Mini Electric Water Heater is designed to cover quickly and cost-effectively the needs of the housiwife for Domestic Hot Water and is usually placed in the kitchen.The specialised R&D personnel designs it by using innovative 3-D software.The hydrodynamic behaviour of the model is tested by a specialized industrial system, achieving ...

AEROSTRIP - Fine Bubble Diffusers

by AQUACONSULT Anlagenbau GmbH     based in Traiskirchen, AUSTRIA

The AEROSTRIP  diffuser has been designed as a fine bubble diffuser device with very low energy demand, wich may be safely employed for domestic and industrial sewage treatment worldwide. The materials used for AEROSTRIP  diffusers are resistant against all components which are permitted to be fed to a sewage treatment plant in ...

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