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Hot Water Boiler

by Thermo Tech Engineering     based in Karachi, PAKISTAN

Industries are wasting heat in form of flue gases such as from various Industrial furnaces, turbines and reciprocating electric generators, we can use waste flue gases and convert into hot water by waste heat recovery boilers. Hot water boilers, or hydronic boilers, form the most important part of a heating system in homes, buildings and ...

Model CS 30-100 kW - Three-ways Smoke Boiler

by D`Alessandro Termomeccanica     based in Miglianico (CH), ITALY

Type “Marine” three-ways smoke boiler with water production for heating; Boiler shell in steel; Doors for internal inspections and boiler cleaning; Cast iron burner with mechanical feeding system; Hopper for the combustible material; Variable speed screw for automatic feeding; Primary and secondary combustion air system; Voltage: 230 ...

Model GK-M - Boilers

by GIZEX Sp. z o.o. PHPU     based in Pleszew, POLAND

Central heating boilers on solid fuels, with automated fuel supply and automatic processor control are used to heat dwelling, manufacturing and other premises with installed central heating system, for preparation of hot water and heat for technologic purposes. In GK-...M boilers fuel is supplied via screw feeder into the bottom of the boiler, ...

Low Output Boilers 20 – 60kW

by Reka UK     based in Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM

Boiler constructed of 8mm thick steel. 8 – 20 heat exchanger tubes, 4.5 mm thick. Combustion chamber, replaceable fire brick and cast iron grates, duplex stainless steel the back. Water cooled door (reduce head loss and keep the boiler surface cool to the touch. A robust and simple design that ensures maximum durability and minimum ...

ALFA - Investment Boilers

by GIZEX Sp. z o.o. PHPU     based in Pleszew, POLAND

ALFA type boilers with mechanical fuel feeding are a set of high-efficiency heat Exchange and burner with fuel tank. Handling comes down to refuel in the tray and periodic removal of ash. Best energetic and exploitation results gives using of good quality fuel, so called eco-pea with calorific value about 27.000 kJ/kg. Boilers construction and ...

Fully Automatic Solid Fuel Steam Boilers

by YEÞÝLYURTLAR Machinery Heat Instruments Ltd.     based in ANKARA, TURKEY

THREE-PASS (FLAME AND SMOKE PIPE), HYDRAULIC advanced trained, grate SYSTEM. Yesilyurtlar brand (TSE, ISO 9001: 2008 certified, patented TPE). Earn our strength calculations are made according to the desired pressure and design. If needed, the 20 bar working pressure of 10 ton / h at high pressure and capacity based on projected capacity can ...

Cetamine - Filming Polyamines for Boiler Water and Steam Treatment

by ICL Water Solutions - BK Giulini GmbH     based in Ludwigshafen, GERMANY

ICL Water Solutions´ broad range of filming amines for boiler water, steam and closed systems. Cetamine® is an innovative and comprehensive technology based on filming polyamines for boiler water and steam treatment. It prevents scale and corrosion in feed water tanks, boilers, steam and condensate systems.

Boiler Blowdown Reduction Technologies

by Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA)     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Focus: Boiler design and configurations aimed at reducing waste water (blowdown). Potential: Increases the amount of steam produced from the same volume of water while reducing the amount of waste, conserving energy and minimizing GHG emissions.

Hot Water Boilers for Solid Fuel

by JSC Komforts     based in Tukums, LATVIA

Solid fuel hot water boilers are provided for water heating in heating systems of dwelling houses and industrial premises with forced circulation; Maximal water temperature 95ос; Maximal working pressure 3 and 6 bars; Boilers are operable with all kind of solid fuel; Fuel feed - manual; Boilers are made from steel, welded; High ...

Garioni Naval - Model GMT/HP - Water Tube Boilers

by Garioni Naval SpA     based in Castelmella, ITALY

Many technological processes, above all in the food industry, need to use high temperatures (higher than 250°C). High temperatures are usually obtained using thermal oil but, new regulations, do not allow to use thermal oil where there is danger to pollute the food under process. In these cases it is a must to use high pressure steam up to 110 ...

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