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EFLO - Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)

by Concorde – Corodex Group     based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Eflo DAF uses the principle of air floatation to separate contaminants from waste water streams. Contaminants such as emulsified oil and grease are first broken from suspension using coagulant dosing. These small contaminating particles are formed using flocculant dosing to create larger particles. These particles are not dense enough to settle by ...

AQUA-FER - Water Treatment System

by Smith & Loveless Inc.     based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA)

The AQUA-FER Water Treatment Plant from Smith & Loveless combines aeration, chemical oxidation, sedimentation and filtration processes in a compact, integrated package. It's designed to remove soluble ferrous iron or manganese typically found in groundwater or reservoir supplies.

Wilma On-Line Water Monitor

by LabLogic Systems Limited     based in Broomhill, UNITED KINGDOM

Wilma is a newly developedon-line water monitoring systemfor detection of low-level betaradioisotopes in water.Designed for real-time, low level detectionof 3H and other alpha and beta radionulcidesin water samples, it featuresautomated sampling, mixing, measurement,purging and wash processes.Its compact rugged design permits long-term,unattended ...

PEP Filters - Process water filtration & Cooling tower filtration equipment

by Hammam Industries & Co.     based in 6th Of October City, EGYPT

Hammam Industries & Co. is a regional supplier for PEP Filters in Egypt.

Treatment of Cooling Tower Make-Up Water & Raw Water

by ELGA Berkefeld - a Veolia Water Company     based in Celle, GERMANY

Berkefeld delivers compact systems for the treatment of all types of raw water used in power plants: Drinking water, River water, Surface water, Sea water, Well water.

Model APS Series - Polymer Make-Up System

by LIDA Engineering Machinery Co,Ltd,( LIDA)     based in Huadu, CHINA

The APS Series polymer make-up system is designed to dissolve liquid polymer, which are used for sludge dewatering and various other wastewater treatment systems, automatically to the specified concentrations of polymer. Automation of dissolving work will drastically save labor cost.

S.K Euromarket - Polymer Make-Up Units

by S.K. Euromarket Ltd     based in Lemesos, CYPRUS

Euromarket polymer make-up units are automatic equipment designed to produce liquid polymer solutions from powder with proportional mixing of water. The powder delivery rate as well as the water supply rate is precisely adjustable in order to have full control over the liquid polymer concentration.

WEDECO - Model GSO/GSA & OCS - Small Ozone Systems

by WEDECO - a Xylem brand     based in Herford, GERMANY

ITT ’s small WEDECO Ozone systems, the Modular and GSA/GSO ozone generators, are designed to produce ozone more effectively at high concentrations up to 12 weight% ozone. They offer the highest ozone concentration yields at lowest energy demand. System parameters are monitored and displayed to ensure a safe and reliable operation. The result ...

Soil Mixers

by Mosa Green S.r.l.     based in Chions (PN), ITALY

Semi-automatic unit to make any mixture of peat with various types of compost, fertilizer, polystyrene, perlites, pumice, expanded clay etc. to obtain a soft and homogeneous growing substrate. It includes a lid with safety switch, a 170 cm conveyor belt, sensor system with automatic start/stop, watering pipe with solenoid valve and timer.

Model EL-LE Series - Process Water - Food Industry

by Umex GmbH     based in Dresden, GERMANY

process water in fod industry, high-purity water, disinfection of liquids, syrups, etc. (customized systems)

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