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Fermentation of Organic Waste

by Thöni Industriebetriebe GmbH     based in Telfs, AUSTRIA

The process for the anaerobic treatment of biogenic residues is specially used for the fermentation of organic waste such as biowaste, green waste, food waste and kitchen waste as well as organic fractions of residual waste.

Liquitech - Copper Silver Lonization System

by Liquitech, Inc. Environmental Solutions     based in Lombard, ILLINOIS (USA)

Copper Silver Ionization is the most effective solution available because it is the only solution to take a systemic approach to combating waterborne pathogens. The ions which are released into a facility's water supply are resilient in all water conditions, providing the residual protection necessary in eliminating the threat of disease causing ...

Pasteurisation of Industrial Input Materials Plant

by EnviTec Biogas AG     based in Lohne, GERMANY

Usage Biogas plants can be operated using a very wide variety of input materials. If, for example, a biogas plant also uses industrial waste from the food industry – i.e. using “co-fermentation” – such waste will often first need to be pasteurised. The requirements of this pasteurisation process are governed by the EU ...

Aslan - Model DFC Mini - Tote Feeder Polymer Makedown Systems

by Aslan Technologies     based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The DFC MINI Tote Series of Continuous Polymer Makedown systems is the complete answer to dry polymer make down when feeding low volumes per day. A completely aged and activated solution can be prepared with a DRY polymer source. The system is designed to run unattended between bulk fillings of the hopper. In addition, the DFC Mini Series feeders ...

Selective Ion Exchange

by TreatMent     based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

Plants for treatment of certain types of metalliferous wastewater. This type of plant is used in industry where the residue of heavy metals is too large to observe the authorities’ requirements for wastewater disposal. Selective ion exchange is a supplement to a conventional treatment plant. Flow rates for standard modules: 0.5-10 m³/h. ...

The Actiflo - Turbo process

by Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies     based in West Midlands, UNITED KINGDOM

Actiflo™ Turbo is equipped with:. a coagulation basin. a flocculation basin with a Turbomix™. a settling tank with optimized hydraulic blades. a hydrocyclone for recycling the micro-sand.

Model Q45P/R pH/ORP - Monitor

by Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI)     based in Delph, UNITED KINGDOM

ATI's versatile Q45P/R pH/ORP system is designed for use in all industrial and municipal applications. The sensors are engineered to function normally in applications where conventional sensors quickly fail. Conventional pH/ORP sensors have an “open reference system,” which means the reference element and electrolyte are in contact ...

Hot Water Production

by GGE Power Pvt. Ltd.     based in New Delhi, INDIA

Cogeneration with hot water production probably is the type of cogeneration first put into practice. The so produced hot water can be used as is either as Sanitary Hot Water or in washing, heating or any industrial processes.

Akar Textile Wastewater Effluent Treatment (ATWET) System

by AKAR IMPEX PVT. LTD.     based in Noida, INDIA

Recently developed and exported to some African countries, Akar ATWET system provides answer to the requirement for a packaged unit for treatment of wastewater of textile industries. This is particularly useful, where the space is limited and capacity is uncertain. The ATWET plants can be moved and transported easily and increasing the treatment ...

AQUA Curieau - Reuse System for Processing Water

by Aqua Industrial Watertreatment B.V.     based in Lichtenvoorde, NETHERLANDS

AQUA’s Curieau system has been developed as a production or reuse system for processing water from biologically pre-treated wastewater. The processed water can be used for cooling towers, truck and crate washing and other secondary systems, with no direct contact with end products. Not only does water reuse minimise a company’s water ...

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