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Medium Pressure Chopper Pump For Dry Installation MPTK-I

by Landia     Distributor in MISSOURI (USA)

Dry-installed pump for industrial purposes, fitted with cast iron casing. 14 motor sizes from 0.55 to 30 kW. Capacity up to approx. 475 m³/hour. Horizontal or vertical installation (fixed) (shown here with horizontal support leg). Supplied without knife system (Available with standard- or extended knife system). Can be used as booster for ...

THE CROCODILE - Drainage Systems

by Heger GmbH & Co.KG     Distributor in MISSOURI (USA)

Drained material is easier to process or recycle. THE CROCODILE range of Heger drainage systems are used for solid/liquid separation and the removal of residual liquids from waste products. THE CROCODILE drains out free-flowing contents from plastic cups, Tetra Pak packaging, cans or PET bottles, drains sewage sludge and industrial was- te and ...

CalRes - Model 2109 - Perchlorate/Nitrate Media And Equipment

by Calgon Carbon Corporation     Distributor in MISSOURI (USA)

16x60 Mesh macropourous perchlorate-specific, extended run resin regenerable by the ORNL process

Calgon Carbon - Model WPX - Powdered Reactivated Carbon

by Calgon Carbon Corporation     Distributor in MISSOURI (USA)

WPX is a powdered activated carbon produced from reactivated granular carbons. WPX powdered reactivated carbon is ideally suited for the removal of toxic compounds, dyes, and/or refractory organic chemicals from wastewaters. The high iodine number of WPX allows for adsorption of a wide range of organic chemicals present in industrial wastewater. ...

Aquarius - Coarse Bubble Diffused Aeration

by Aquarius Technologies Inc.     Distributor in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA)

Aquarius provides a complete line of coarse bubble diffused aeration in both fixed grid and removable configurations. Materials of construction include 304L and 316L grade stainless steel. Cast diffuser connectors, mutually reinforced to the aeration piping insure a durable, long term mechanical connection. Corrosion protection is enhanced by full ...

Trivol - Hydrocarbon Dissolve Bioremediation Kit

by Ameret LLC     based in Overland Park, MISSOURI (USA)

Trivol HYDROCARBON DISSOLVE Bioremediation Kit contains highly specialized micro-organisms that are selected and designed specifically to speed the biological degradation of problem compounds in environment.

Sand Nozzles

by O`Brien - A Product of Hi-Vac Corporation     Distributor in MISSOURI (USA)

Specifically designed to lift & float sand that's other wise difficult to move. With a tether tied to the nozzles pulley eye, the hose can be drawn back and forth I nthe line to generate water trubluance.

Radial & Radial Vortex Nozzles

by O`Brien - A Product of Hi-Vac Corporation     Distributor in MISSOURI (USA)

Rear jets with alternating jet angles combine quick hose acceleration and thorough line cleaning characteristics.

Miscellaneous Nozzles

by O`Brien - A Product of Hi-Vac Corporation     Distributor in MISSOURI (USA)

Aluminum Ram Nozzle w/ Replacement Jets. Flailing Chain Nozzles. Gang Nozzles & Tandem Gang Nozzles. Nozzle Extensions. O'Brien Root Hawg Nozzles. Replacement Jets for Gang & Aluminum Ram Nozzles. Rotary Cutter Nozzles. Torpedo Nozzles.

Penetrator Lance Tip Nozzles

by O`Brien - A Product of Hi-Vac Corporation     Distributor in MISSOURI (USA)

A true dart, features one intense forward jet and four side jets. Medium acceleration of hose makes for a more deliberate penetration of the line blockage.

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