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Power Plant Instrumentation for Measurement of High-Purity Water Quality

by ASTM International

The publication presents techniques employing various methods of measurement, such as ion chromatography, atomic absorption, specific ion electrode, ion exchange columns, electrical conductivity, a gravimetric method, differential pulse polarography and others. Discussions on methods of sampling, desired point of sampling, and other details are ...;

GEMS Environment Library No. 15: Groundwater a Threatened Resource

by Earthprint Ltd

This publication is intended to explain to readers how important groundwater is, the extent of the threat to it, and the actions that can be taken to protect it.The world's water is one of our most precious resources. Lack of water is one of the principal causes of delayed development. Polluted water is one of the biggest killers we know, ...;

Compilation of Agrinews videos (2005-2007) / Compilation des videos Agriflash (2005-2007)

by Earthprint Ltd

This compilation contains the following Agrinews videos: 1) Cashew nut, artemisia, compost; 2) Wheat rust, purifying water, keep chicken health; 3) Wamis-net, botanic clinics, striga; 4)Banana, anthurium, practical guide: duck raising; 5) Gluten free, bamboo, goat rearing; 6) Mango kernel, aguide for exporters, the bird flu; 7) Banana leaves, ...;

Sustainable Water for the Future

by IWA Publishing

This book is part of a series on sustainability. Specifically, it deals with the issue of sustainable water use. Fresh sources of potable water are being depleted across the world. Pure water is the goal of water utilities as well as several industries. Well past the experimental stage, membrane processes are now a proven and reliable method of ...;

Monitoring Induced Seismicity

by Springer

Stress re-distribution as a result of exploitation of mineral, hydrocarbon, geothermal, and water resources cannot be eliminated. The effort must be directed to a better understanding of the underlying processes for the management of the hazard and risk associated with these operations. The study of induced seismicity has continually evolved over ...;

Mathematical Modeling of Biofilms

by IWA Publishing

Over 90% of bacterial biomass exists in the form of biofilms. The ability of bacteria to attach to surfaces and to form biofilms often is an important competitive advantage for them over bacteria growing in suspension. Some biofilms are “good” in natural and engineered systems, they are responsible for nutrient cycling in nature and ...;

Low Cost Emergency Water Purification Technologies

by IWA Publishing

Natural disasters, such as floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes, affect over 226 million people every year. The occurrence of these natural disasters has been increasing every year due to the effect of extreme weather events and higher populations living in areas vulnerable to natural hazards. Developing a guideline for emergency water ...;

Municipal Water Reuse Markets 2010

by Global Water Intelligence - GWI

This is a comprehensive report on the current and future shape of the water reuse industry. It includes data on over 2600 current and 150 proposed reuse facilities worldwide as well as an analysis of the reuse technologies and applications, country-by-country profiles or companies' involvment in the reuse industry.;

Water Management, Purification, and Conservation in Arid Climates, Three Volume Set

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

This three volume series presents a broad and integrated approach to water management, purification, and conservation in arid climates. Volume one includes an introductory chapter on water problems and water resources in arid climates followed by specific chapters covering various aspects of water management. Volumes two and three deal with water ...;

Liquid Assets: The Critical Need to Safeguard Freshwater Ecosystems

by Worldwatch Institute

By taking advantage of the work that healthy watersheds and freshwater ecosystems perform naturally, cities and rural areas can purify drinking water, alleviate hunger, mitigate flood damages, and meet other societal goals at a fraction of the cost of conventional technological alternatives.But because commercial markets rarely put a price on ...;

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