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Purified Water

by Membrane Srl     based in Milano, ITALY

Our purified water makers are pure Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Nanofiltration (NF) systems. All units are USP and cGMP compliant and rely on patented processes that yield smooth performance over time.

Model LS3-M8000 - Mobile Water Purification Systems

by Global Ecology Corporation (GEC)     based in Montclair, NEW JERSEY (USA)

GEC provides Global Water systems that utilize the three basic principles for water purification. (1) Utilizing replaceable 1-Micron filters, intestinal protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia as well as other parasites are eliminated. (2) Global’s proprietary absorption/adsorption process removes and eliminates more hazardous ...

STILMAS - Model PHARMA-RO - Pure Water Production Plant

by STILMAS S.p.A.     based in Settala, ITALY

Granting the best quality in terms of bacterial purity.The Stilmas double stage Reverse osmosis plants constitutes the most reliable solution for purified water production and the only solution for HIGHLY purified water production. Stilmas double stage RO plants are fully designed in compliance with the standards requested by the International ...

Model H2 NM Plus - High Purity Hydrogen Generator

by LNI Schmidlin SA     based in Chatelaine-Geneva, SWITZERLAND

The NM-Plus employ the newest PEM membrane technology available for electrolytic production of pure hydrogen, including exclusive no-maintenance PSA auto-drying technology and cascading capabilities. Only pure water, distilled or deionized, is required to provide trouble free long-term operation. The small contained volume (

Apollo - Model EDI - Standard High-Purity System

by HydroTech Inc.     based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA)

Standard Apollo EDI models are available for any high-purity application from 15,000 to over 150,000 GPD. Feed water must be R.O. water or the equivalent. Apollo EDI systems are designed to produce 16-18 meg-ohm ultrapure permeate water suitable for most electronics, semi-conductor, and pharmaceutical applications.  Apollo EDI systems offer a ...

Genap - Model UV Waterbox - Water Purification Kit

by Genap B.V.     based in `s-Heerenberg, NETHERLANDS

Genap introduces a compacl and easy to set-up kit which turns contaminated water into drinking water in just a few steps.Contaminated water stored in a water silo is routed through a UV waterbox in which UV rays are abundantly present. The rays effectively kill 99,9% of all bacteria and viruses present so the water becomes safe for consumption. ...

Model CWT Series - Containerized Water Treatment Systems

by Pure Aqua, Inc.     based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Take the expense and the mystery out of large-scale reverse osmosis plants with a Containerized system. By making pre-designed, module-sized plants, fully assembled in standard 20-ft and 40-ft containers, the complexity and the construction of a building to house a water purification plant is no longer necessary. The container just needs to be ...

Sievers - Model UPW - Ultra Pure Water Boron Analyzer

by GE Analytical Instruments     based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA)

The Sievers UPW (Ultra pure water) Boron Analyzer offers a limit of detection of 15 parts-per-trillion boron and up to 10 samples per hour, making continuous boron monitoring in ultrapure water very affordable and convenient for semiconductor and microelectronics applications. The Sievers UPW Boron Analyzer also exceeds ICP-MS performance (see

Hanna - Model HI 98308 - Pure Water Tester

by Pike Agri-Lab Supplies, Inc.     based in Jay, MAINE (USA)

Pure Water Test (PWT) enables you to check the purity of your distilled or demineralized water in laboratory or industrial environments.

SnowPure - Model Zapwater™ - High Purity Laboratory Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules

by SnowPure Water Technologies     based in San Clemente, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Electropure EDI technology has now been brought down in size. Zapwater™ Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules are designed for small countertop or wall-mount laboratory water deionization products, which produce ASTM Type I & II, or JIS A2 to A4 water.

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