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Domestic Purification

by Aqua industrial Group SpA     based in Reggio Emilia, ITALY

Faucet filter. Quick installation. Ideal for cooking and drinking water.  Replaceable cartridge filters up to 900 Lt (240 Gallons).  Reduces chlorine, bad taste and odour (with carbon cartridge).  Bacteria removal (with ceramic cartridge).

Model Ft line 2 - Water Purifier

by PURICOM Co.Ltd     based in Wuri, TAIWAN

1st: FT-82 Prefilter P.P. 5μ. 2nd: FT-88 Silver carbon filter. FT Cassette cartridge & FT cap. Suitable for residential, vending or catering use.Quick connect fittings for an easy connection.. Stage 1st: FT-82 Prefilter P.P. 5u 2nd: FT-88 Silver carbon filter (Material: Made in USA - CALGON carbon). Option: Faucet connection kit.

Siemens - LaboStar Pure Water Systems

by SG Wasseraufbereitung und Regenerierstation GmbH     based in Barsbüttel, GERMANY

The space-saving ultra-pure water from the Ultra Clear and LaboStar and can be used flexibly, whether as a wall, bench or under a bench with a dispensing rate of 1.2 and 2 l/min, additionally, the unit is available with UV oxidation, TOC monitoring and Ultra filtration. Hereby Siemens Water Technologies confirms the production and monitoring of ...

Model Ft line 1 - Water Purifier

by PURICOM Co.Ltd     based in Wuri, TAIWAN

Stage 1st: FT-88 Silver carbon filter.FT Cassette cartridge & FT cap.Suitable for residential or vending use.Quick connect fittings for an easy connection.FT GAC silver activate carbon filter (Material: Made in USA - CALGON carbon).

Model 16000 LPH - Ultrapure Water System

by GZ QWell Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd.     based in Guangzhou, CHINA

EDI water treatment equipment (ultra-pure water equipment, EDI). Preparation of ultra-pure water as an EDI device, as the second reverse osmosis desalination equipment device, the system can remove up to 10-18.2MΩ.CM. It is widely used in microelectronics industry, semiconductor industry, power generation industry, pharmaceutical industry ...

Aqua Solutions - Model 2618S1 - Type II Point of use Laboratory Water Purification Systems

by Aqua Solutions, Inc.     based in Jasper, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

The system has a flow rate of 5-Liters/minute and includes two DI tanks (one installed plus one spare), an activated carbon prefilter assembly with pressure regulator and gauge, and a 2-Megohm-cm purity monitor. The monitor has a Green LED to indicate that the system is producing >2 megohm-cm Type II water. When the water quality drops below 2 ...

STILMAS - Model PHARMA-RO - Pure Water Production Plant

by STILMAS S.p.A.     based in Settala, ITALY

Granting the best quality in terms of bacterial purity.The Stilmas double stage Reverse osmosis plants constitutes the most reliable solution for purified water production and the only solution for HIGHLY purified water production. Stilmas double stage RO plants are fully designed in compliance with the standards requested by the International ...

Drinking Water Purification System

by Prantner GmbH Verfahrenstechnik     based in Reutlingen, GERMANY

A high level of obligations is set with regards to drinking water purification techniques. Our drinking water purification systems are characterized by a high degree of technical maturity and require only little maintenance. Through the use of food-grade substances, our systems meet the stringent requirements for drinking water.

TKA Smart2Pure and Smart2Pure 12 - Ultra Pure Water Systems

by Thermo Electron LED GmbH     based in Niederelbert, GERMANY

TKA Smart2Pure and TKA Smart2Pure 12: This is the password for converting normal tap water to ultrapure water of ASTM Types I and II. All in one! TKA Smart2Pure is a compact complete system that produces 3 or 6 litres of ultrapure water per hour, Smart2Pure 12 produces 12 litres per hour. The built-in 6 litre tank of Smart2Pure for ultrapure water ...

Wonder - Model R Series - Drinking Purified Water

by Wonder Light Industry Machinery Electronic Products (Zhong Shan) Co., Ltd.     based in Zhong Shan City, CHINA

Model number and flow rate: P-50(1GPM). UR-60(1GPM), CR-60(1GPM). The Ultraviolet dosage is more than 40,000 Microwatt Seconds cm:. according to NSF55 Class A standard. 304 Stainless steel (316L optional), polished and passivated. Lamp life: 9000-10000 hours of operation approximate 12 months of continuous service. Ballasts: UL, CUL, TUV-CE listed ...

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