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Dow FILMTEC - Model XLE4040 - Commercial Extra Low Energy Tap Water Reverse Osmosis Elements

by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc     based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA)

Dow FILMTEC Commercial Extra Low Energy Tap Water Reverse Osmosis Elements are highly efficient, extra low pressure RO membranes providing the lowest total system cost available. Dow FILMTEC Commercial RO membranes are available in a wide range of sizes to meet a wide range of conditions. These membranes are manufactured using an advanced small ...

Dow FILMTEC - Model TW30-4040 - Tap Water Commercial RO Membrane

by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc     based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA)

FILMTEC TW30-4040 is the industry standard for reliable operation and production of the highest quality water. These tape wrapped elements are built with the same high quality membranes and materials of construction as industrial elements, except for the hard outershell, and are more economical for commercial systems with one or two elements per ...

Drinking Water Systems - Water Purification

by Hydrochem Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.     based in Dist: Thane, INDIA

More than 80% of our body is water, Drinking a lot of pure and fresh water everyday helps in maintaining good health. It is preferrable to produce pure water at home / offices rather than buying unreliable  bottled water. Hydrochem domestic water purifiers use the most advanced water purification  technologies like reverse osmosis and ...

Hydranautics - Model SWC Series - SWC5-LD-4040 - Low Fouling Reverse Osmosis Membrane

by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc     based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA)

Hydranautics Commercial SWC 5-LD Series 4' Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements are high quality, reliable, and high performance Seawater RO membranes. The SWC RO Membranes provide technologically advanced low fouling membrane technology to deliver consistent performance that customers can trust. SWC 5-LD membranes offer high performance salt ...

Model NF/RO - Nanofiltration & Reverse Osmosis Systems

by H2O Innovation     based in Québec (Québec), QUEBEC (CANADA)

The NF and RO membrane processes have been developed to their full potential by our specialists. Custom designed to purify surface water, groundwater or waste water, these systems represent THE solution for many of your water issues. The safe and highly effective NF and RO membranes act as veritable barriers, producing consistent water quality ...

Continuous Membrane Filtration (CMF) & Reverse Osmosis (RO)

by United Envirotech Ltd. (UEL)     based in Singapore, SINGAPORE

CMF with RO technology is an integration of CMF and RO technologies into one system. RO is very demanding on the quality of the input water to prevent fouling of the membrane. CMF compliments RO as it is capable of producing high quality water suitable for RO. It is used as the pre-treatment for RO, this will help to reduce membrane fouling and ...

Arrester separator

by Musthane     based in Willems, FRANCE

Inside some metal sheet tanks, it is necessary to separate the liquid from the interior wall of the tank with a ponch or membrane. This membrane acts as a shock wave dampener. The membrane is not only used as a simple separation and also as an anti ramming device.

Mena Water - Reverse Osmosis System

by Mena Water     based in Sharjah, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

We deliver RO Systems with high performance. Our pre-engineered systems allows fast delivery and are built with high-quality components designed to meet your specific process needs. RO process achieves rejection of 99.9% of salts, viruses & bacteria.

LT - Model Econo Series - Reverse Osmosis Systems

by LT Technologies, Inc.     based in West Bridgewater, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Introducing the Econo Series of heavy duty industrial grade reverse osmosis products made right here in our factory and delivered to you fast…Our innovations include a solid state, micro processor controller, manufactured for us, in the USA. Heavy gauge epoxy coated steel, for a built to last platform, innovative membrane housings on our RO ...

TUA Engineering - Model TPRO 101SV - Domestic Reverse Osmosis Systems

by Tua Engineering Ltd.     based in Paola, MALTA

Domestic RO for household provides high quality drinking  water for all the family without the hassle of carrying or  storing bottled water. Typically installed under the sink and  includes a high quality long reach faucet. Our units come  with a corrosion free plastic tank.

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