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Antiscalan balls, siliphos, Guilingjing

by Tianjin Yuanlong Chemical Industry CO., LTD.     based in Tianjin, CHINA

Product Name: Antiscalant balls, Sodium Hexametaphosphate Balls, Siliphos, GuilijingGrade: Food GradeCAS Number: 10124-56-8 Transparent Glassy BallUsed in drinking water treatment. RO SystemDetailed spec as below:Purity(as P2O5): 71% MinWater Insoluble: 0.06% MaxHeavy Metal(as Pb): 8ppm Max F Content: 35ppm MaxAs Content: 3ppm MaxPH value: 3.5-4.0 ...

Miscellaneous Products

by Goldcrest Chemicals Ltd     based in Barnsley, UNITED KINGDOM

The following inorganic coagulants are supplied in quantities from 25 kg to road tanker deliveries. Ferric sulphate, ferrous chloride, Aluminium sulphate, Aluminium chloride, Poly-aluminium chloride, Sodium hypochlorite is available in various strengths up to 15% chlorine, in quantities from 25kg to road tanker deliveries. Hydrochloric acid & ...

AmSolv - Model 6900 - Scale, Corrosion & Slime Remover

by AmSolv     based in Waxahachie, TEXAS (USA)

AmSolv 6900 is a dry sulfamic acid system cleaner and descaler synergistically blended with penetrants, dispersants, stabilizers and inhibitors. AmSolv 6900 effectively removes accumulations of scale, corrosion and organic matter from heavily fouled systems. AmSolv 6900 does this in a wide range of open and closed recirculating cooling and heating ...


by Chemical Feeding Technologies, Inc.     based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA)

Scales will allow you to monitor your chemical usage.  Depending on the model you select you may just have a local display indicating remaining chemical or you can have electronic models that will allow you to transmit remaining weight to your SCADA system and generate low weight alarms or even excessive rate-of-change alarms.

PowerWind 90

by IMS WindPower     based in Portsmouth, UNITED KINGDOM

The PowerWind 90 is a highly efficient wind turbine with a rated power of 2.5MW and a 90m rotor diameter. Under IEC class IIA certification it is best suited to sites with medium-high wind speeds. The PowerWind 90 combines robust mechanical engineering with advanced power electronics. Its mechanical design is based on the proven modular drive ...

Model SSG - Snow Scale

by Sommer Messtechnik     based in Koblach, AUSTRIA

The SSG Snow Scale is a precision Snow Water Equivalent measuring device which is developed for quick and easy installation and implementation in the field. The SSG uses, especially for SWE measurement designed aluminium plates, which guarantee accurate measuring values and impress with its robustness and low maintenance. A broad outer frame of ...

Bellasol - Antiscalants for Oilfield & Gas Applications

by BWA Water Additives     based in Tucker, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

In the enhanced oil recovery sector, BWA's Bellasol antiscalant products are used worldwide in a number of applications, including squeeze treatments, topside production systems and seawater injection. BWA's Bellasol products have been developed and successfully introduced to the market to provide high technical performance as well as ...

TriPol - Model 8010 - Scale Inhibitor

by TriSep Corporation     based in Goleta, CALIFORNIA (USA)

TriPol 8010 is metered into the feed water at a point where turbulent fow will ensure adequate chemical mixing prior to entering the RO or NF system. This is usually done prior to the cartridge filters and high pressure pump. Dosing rates vary depending on feedwater quality and recovery but normally run between 2 and 5 ppm. For exact dosing, use ...

Belclene - Antiscalants

by Polysep Industrial Consultants     based in Putten, NETHERLANDS

BWA's Belclene scale and corrosion inhibitor products have been specifically designed to meet the most demanding needs of our customers - for both technical performance and environmental acceptability. The maleic, phosphinocarboxylic and phosphonocarboxylic acid technology on which BWA products are based has led to additives which out-perform ...

Struvite Control

by Struvite Removal     based in Carson, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Struvite Removal offers products that include our Struvite Remover JS 9325 and our Struvite Preventer and Inhibitor JS 9310 for struvite control in wastewater treatment. Struvite Remover JS 9325 is non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and cost-effective leaving your operation struvite free. Struvite Preventer and Inhibitor JS 9310 is ...

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