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Product Rentals

by Waterra USA Inc.     based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA)

Today, many companies prefer to avoid the capital expense of equipment — especially field equipment. This saves on insurance and maintenance costs. However, having the right tools always produces better results on the job and usually produces them faster as well. That's why Waterra makes some of its more popular equipment available to its ...

Pipeline By-Passing Services

by International Flow Technologies, Inc. / Occlude     based in Murrieta, CALIFORNIA (USA)

IFT can bypass a section of pipe, without interruption of its flow. IFT provides the most advanced line stopping and bypassing service available today! Sizes from 1/2' - 48' on any type of pipeline. When the City of San Diego needed an isolation valve installed in a sewer force main that could not be shut down they contacted IFT. Complete ...

Environment Protection Services

by SWACHHA ECO SOLUTIONS     based in Malleshwaram, INDIA

Our Organisation strives for maximum waste recovery through composting, recycling, and reuse, and aims at zero waste to be disposed onto dump-yards and landfills. The long-term objective is thus to reduce the environmental degradation caused by solid waste. By using composting methods to manage the biodegradable waste, we are able to:

Hardness Testing Services

by Laboratory Testing Inc.     based in Hatfield, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Hardness testing measures a material’s strength by determining resistance to penetration. The hardness test is extremely useful in material selection because it provides a hardness value which indicates how easily a material can be machined and how well the material will wear. Hardness testing is also valuable in making decisions about ...

Swimming Pools

by Hidritec     based in Langreo, SPAIN

Hidritec makes a large amount of services for swimming pools and spas not only in continuous monitoring, if not in punctual jobs. Characterization of the water A Technical Study of the Quality of the Water. It includes analysis, quality of the water, Langelier index, hardness, alkalinity and solids in suspension. Proposals for a suitable ...

Biogas Desulphurisation

by Colsen International b.v.     based in HULST, NETHERLANDS

Desulphurisation of the biogas produced during digestion is executed by a biological process. Environmental engineering´s agency Colsen b.v. developed an installation named Bidox®. The principle of the Bidox® technology lies in the biological oxidation of H2S by sulphur oxidising bacteria. The system is capable of reducing the H2S ...

Water Jet Cutting Services

by Aerospace Alloys, Inc.     based in Bloomfield, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Offering contract waterjet cutting services, Aerospace Alloys, Inc.’s equipment is able to cut a variety of applications with ease. Whatever your business — automotive, aerospace, stone and tile, tool and die, gaskets, or fabricator— we can cut metal, stone, plastics, composites, glass, ceramics, rubber and more. Our ...

Swimming Pool & Water Feature Maintenance Services

by Bath Water Works Limited     based in Gloucestershire, UNITED KINGDOM

We can advise on swimming pool programmes for full treatment and maintenance and supply of chemicals, maintenance of dosing equipment, pumps and filtration and installation of safety gas monitors in swimming pool plant rooms.

Swimming Pools

by JOSAB International AB     based in Stockholm, SWEDEN

For several years The Josab Aqualite™ System have been in use in many public baths and private swimming pools throughout Sweden and Denmark. The system exhibits a series of features that are beneficial for pool water treatment. The efficiency of the purification method provides a much higher water quality without the eternal scourge of chloramines ...

Swimming Pools

by atg UV Technology     based in Wigan, UNITED KINGDOM

Ultraviolet disinfection is now an established method of water treatment for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hydro Pools, Splash Pads and Water Features, and has become the preferred treatment choice for a number of leading international leisure brands.

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