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Model 12 Series - Multi-Skimmer

by Action Petroleum Inc.     based in Ducktown, TENNESSEE (USA)

Action Petroleum Spill Recovery, Inc. introduces the new and improved Multi Skimmer. The Multi Skimmer is  versatile, it can be used as a drum skimmer, belt skimmer, brush skimmer, or a disc skimmer. Use the drum skimmer head for oil spills from diesel to crude. Use the brush head to clean up heavy crude, tar patches, or emulsified oil ...

Lamor - Model LFF 100 - Free Floating Offshore Skimmer

by Lamor Corporation AB     based in Porvoo, FINLAND

The Lamor Free Floating Offshore (LFF 100) skimmer is a very high capacity free-floating skimmer designed for open ocean oil recovery operations. The LFF 100 is fitted with two V-chain pocket brush type conveyors for efficient collection of all types of floating oil from light to viscous oils and emulsions. Each brush chain conveyor consists of ...

Versatech - Brush, Disc, and Drum Skimmer

by Versatech Products Inc.     based in Burnaby, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Versatech RBS Skimmers operates by utilizing the oleophilic surfaces of a rotating brush/drum/disc to attract oil and reject water. As the skimming element rotates through the oil/water surface, the oil adheres to the surface and is removed by a scraper. The recovered oil is collected in a common sump and pumped away. The skimming element modules, ...

DESMI - Model HELIX - Innovative Circular Brush Skimmer

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

The HELIX represents a significant advancement in skimmer technology. This circular brush skimmer is the result of several years of research and development.

NorMar - Mini Skimmer

by AllMaritim AS     based in Mathopen, NORWAY

NorMar Mini Skimmer is designed to recover oil in lakes and rivers. The skimmer consists of a brush or a disc which can be changed easily depending on the viscosity of the oil. The skimmer can be used on diesel to heavy oil products. The floating frame is made ??of aluminum and the whole system is compact, requiring little space and can be lifted ...

Komara - Duplex Skimmer System

by Vikoma International Ltd     based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM

The Komara Duplex skimmer system is a highly portable oil recovery system, which has been designed to recover a wide range of oil types. The system includes a multi-head skimmer with interchangeable disc and brush cartridges, floating transfer pump, powerpack and associated hoses and floats. The system will operate in most environments including ...

Mavi Deniz - Model 50 - Multi Skimmer (Brush / Disc / Drum)

by Mavi Deniz Environmental Protection Services Co.     based in Istanbul, TURKEY

Mavi Deniz Multi Skimmer 50 is a high efficiency skimmer for recovering of floating oil on water. The unit can be fitted with interchangeable skimming heads ( disc, drum, or brush ) to allow for optimum performance in all oil types and viscosities. Standard units come complete with skimmer head, pump unit, hydraulic and transfer hoses, ...



We offer a comprehensive range of oil recovery skimmers for a wide variety of conditions and oil types. Our most popular skimmer, the MultiSkimmer has interchangeable disk, drum, and brush skimming modules to allow for skimming a complete range of oils and viscosities from light diesels up to heavy crudes. All skimmers are custom designed and ...

Markleen - Model MS 30 - Multi Skimmer

by MARKLEEN Group     based in Vollen, NORWAY

MARKLEEN MULTISKIMMER MS 30 is a compact, lightweight unit used for recovering all types of oil.  Diesel oil, grease and emulsions are quickly and efficiently recovered with a minimum of water content.  All components used in MARKLEEN MULTISKIMMER MS 30 are robust and water and oil resistant .Depending on the viscosity of the substance ...

Multi-Function Skimmer

by Eco Equipments Inc.     based in Taipei, TAIWAN

It is the most versatile and reliable skimmer in the world. Multi-Function Skimmer has interchangeable skimming heads that can change in less than 1 minute with no tools. It can change between, drums, brushes or disks skimming heads that make the skimmer a 3 in 1 skimmer for any oil condition.

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