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Versatech - Brush, Disc, and Drum Skimmer

by Versatech Products Inc.

Versatech RBS Skimmers operates by utilizing the oleophilic surfaces of a rotating brush/drum/disc to attract oil and reject water. As the skimming element rotates through the oil/water surface, the oil adheres to the surface and is removed by a scraper. The recovered oil is collected in a common sump and pumped away. The skimming element modules, ...

Mavi Deniz - Model 50 - Multi Skimmer (Brush / Disc / Drum)

by Mavi Deniz Environmental Protection Services Co.

Mavi Deniz Multi Skimmer 50 is a high efficiency skimmer for recovering of floating oil on water. The unit can be fitted with interchangeable skimming heads ( disc, drum, or brush ) to allow for optimum performance in all oil types and viscosities. Standard units come complete with skimmer head, pump unit, hydraulic and transfer hoses, ...



We offer a comprehensive range of oil recovery skimmers for a wide variety of conditions and oil types. Our most popular skimmer, the MultiSkimmer has interchangeable disk, drum, and brush skimming modules to allow for skimming a complete range of oils and viscosities from light diesels up to heavy crudes. All skimmers are custom designed and ...

Multimax - Model 50 - Stiff-Brush Conveyor Belt-Type Oil Skimmer

by Lamor Corporation AB

The MultiMax LAM is a stiff-brush conveyor belt-type oil skimmer designed to recover oil in fast flowing rivers, oil ponds, harbors or as an advancing side sweep skimmer. The conveyor belt consists of three stiff-brush-chains. The brush conveyor can be rotated in both directions. In addition to the patented double-action brush cleaner, this ...

Lamor - Side Collector (LSC) Skimming System

by Lamor Corporation AB

The Lamor Side Collector LSC is a vessel side mounted advancing skimming system for tug and work boats as well as large vessels. In addition of the skimmer unit on one or two sides of the work boat, the total LSC system typically consists of an automatic or manual outrigger jib arms and sweeping booms.

DESMI Giant Octopus - Skimmer for oil recovery


The DESMI GIANT OCTOPUS skimmer from DESMI Ro-Clean is the latest skimmer in our range and features a revolutionary new collection method plus 360 degree access to the collection surfaces. This skimmer is a combination and development from our popular TARANTULA and HELIX skimmers and has benefited from a continuing development program over nearly ...

RBS TRITON - Model 300 OS - Oil Skimming Systems

by Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc.

RBS TRITON 300 OS oil skimming systems are ideal for use in open and protected water environments and are able to recover 300 m³/h.The RBS TRITON 300 OS system consists of three major components: the RBS TRITON 300 oil skimmer head, a hydraulic power pack, and hydraulic and oil transfer hose sets.

Lamor - Model LFF 100 - Free Floating Offshore Skimmer

by Lamor Corporation AB

The Lamor Free Floating Offshore (LFF 100) skimmer is a very high capacity free-floating skimmer designed for open ocean oil recovery operations. The LFF 100 is fitted with two V-chain pocket brush type conveyors for efficient collection of all types of floating oil from light to viscous oils and emulsions. Each brush chain conveyor consists of ...

Multi-Function Skimmer

by Eco Equipments Inc.

It is the most versatile and reliable skimmer in the world. Multi-Function Skimmer has interchangeable skimming heads that can change in less than 1 minute with no tools. It can change between, drums, brushes or disks skimming heads that make the skimmer a 3 in 1 skimmer for any oil condition.

Lamor - Built-In Oil Recovery System LORS Skimming System

by Lamor Corporation AB

The Lamor Built-In Oil Recovery System LORS is a vessel mounted advancing skimming system for medium size work boats and tugs with lengths varying from approx. 15 to 35 m as well as for large vessels ranging from 30 to 100 m. In addition to the skimmer unit in the recovery recess, the total LORS system typically consists of automatic fixed length ...

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