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Floating Skimmer

by Airsys

Exsiting floating skimmer is too difficult to be regularly maintained the location of oil skimming (wear lip). As the amount of inhaled fluid in pump is increased, the exhaust chamber is empty. And the buoyant force is rised, subsquently wear lip becomes floated on the surface of the water or submerged under the water. However, if the flow rate of ...

Skim-pak - Model Series 600 - Flow - Control and Floating Fixed Weir Surface Skimmer Systems

by Skim-pak

skim-pak series 600 is designed to remove floating contaminants including oils, foams and particulates from limited access and smaller skimming areas.

Lamor - Model LFF 100 - Free Floating Offshore Skimmer

by Lamor Corporation AB

The Lamor Free Floating Offshore (LFF 100) skimmer is a very high capacity free-floating skimmer designed for open ocean oil recovery operations. The LFF 100 is fitted with two V-chain pocket brush type conveyors for efficient collection of all types of floating oil from light to viscous oils and emulsions. Each brush chain conveyor consists of ...

Floating Grinder Skimmer

by SkimOil Inc.

Some skimmer applications call for removing floating junk including vegetation that may or may not be in oil. The grinder skimmer is a derivative of our regular floating weir skimmer-----except with VERY sharp teeth. Spill situations often involve cleaning up oil that is in a lake or river in floating and semi-submersed vegetation, algae, seaweed, ...

FWS Floating Weir Skimmer

by SkimOil Inc.

This is a simple floating well-proven oil skimmer that works with any pump that can pull suction. The unique FWS never needs manual adjustment. NEVER! The FWS skimmer is a surface skimmer. The FWS Floating Weir Skimmer is automatically self adjusting to your pump’s flow rate—meaning that by controlling your pump’s flow ...

Manta Ray Floating Oil Skimming Heads

by Lamor USA Corporation

Flexible Manta Ray Floating Oil Skimmer. Rigid Manta Ray Floating Oil Skimmer.

Mighty Mack - Model BG01 - Oil Skimming System

by SkimTech Inc.

The Model BG01 Oil Skimming System is designed to remove free-floating oils, fats, grease and other material from the surface of water in indoor and outdoor applications. Typical applications include “tramp oil”removal from central coolant systems, waste water treatment oil/water equalization tanks, outdoor oil/water separators, ...

URO - Model 600 - Offshore Oil Skimming System

by Zwanny-Ltd

The URO 600 Offshore Oil Skimming System features four recovery modules using RBS TRITON technology capable of recovering over 600m³/h. The URO 600 system consists of three major components: the RBS TRITON 600 oil skimmer head, hydraulic power pack, and floating-hose reel system with integrated crane.

Auto Floating Weir Skimmer System

by SkimOil Inc.

The model #800AWS will remove 100% of free and floating oils from storm and wastewater. The Auto-weir floating skimmer will automatically detect, engage, accumulate and off load oil. What makes the Auto-weir floating skimmer automatic is a programmable PLC which controls the basic operation, monitors conditions and initiates preventative ...

Mini David - Model AG25 - Oil Skimming System

by SkimTech Inc.

The Model AG25 Oil Skimming System is designed to remove free-floating oils, grease and other material from the surface of water in indoor and outdoor applications where space is limited. The compact design makes it ideal for “tramp oil” removal from metal cutting machine (CNC machine) coolant reservoirs, central coolant systems, parts ...

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