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ULTRATECH - Passive Skimmer

by Interstate Products Inc

Passive skimmers remove oil permanently from catch basins and storm drains. First most catch basins, sumps, vaults, and holding tanks. It floats on water surface, continuously absorbs oil. The unique polymer absorbent actually bonds the oil to the polymer matrix and prevents leaching. They will not create a clog or ponding due to sediment. One 22' ...

Skimmers Passive SOS and SPG Skimmers and In-Well Genie Pump

by Geotech

Skimmers have been designed for product recovery applications in sites where active pumping systems are not applicable due to existing conditions or extreme low permeable formations. When used in conjunction with either a surface mounted or in-well Genie pump, the passive skimmer becomes an active automatic recovery system.

Keck - 2 PRC - Passive Bailer and Skimmer

by Hoskin Scientific Limited

The Keck PRC is a passive skimmer with a floating intake that separates and recovers light hydrocarbons from groundwater. The Keck PRC collects floating product down to a sheen then is emptied through a discharge valve at the bottom of the canister after being raised to the surface.

Passive Drain Skimmer

by Granite Environmental, Inc

This passive drain skimmer is an easy way absorb oil out of water, providing you with a clean solution for cleaning stormwater runoff.

Ultra Passive Skimmer


The Passive Skimmer floats on water surface and continuously absorbs oil. Unique polymer absorbent actually bonds the oil to the polymer matrix and prevents leaching. It will not create ponding or clog due to sediment.

Oilwick - 2-inch/4-inch - Hydrocarbon Skimmer

by Site Remediation Inc.

To recover floating hydrocarbons, thicker viscosity and specific gravity must be accommodated. Our Oilwick skimmer recovers spilled oil and denser (less than bunker) mixed hydrocarbon cocktails from ground water. Subsurface spill clean-up requires spilled gasoline recovery, spilled diesel recovery, spilled oil recovery from groundwater, and mixed ...

KLEER - RSS25/RSS50/RSS75 - Gasoline/diesel Skimmers

by Site Remediation Inc.

KLEER gasoline/diesel skimmers utilize a patented membrane material to separate fuel from water. Subsurface fuel spills are recovered by membrane separation; the fuel simply falls into the passive 'bailer' reservoir. These fuel bailers recover gasoline from ground water and recover diesel from ground water. For subsurface diesel spill clean-up and ...

Soakease Oil Absorbent Kit

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

For safely and effectively removing petroleum hydrocarbons from 2ý dia. or greater groundwater monitoring and/or recovery wells. Soakease™ is as easy to use as a bailer and acts as a passive, selective skimmer. It will absorb and help remove a sheen. When placed into the well, Soakease reacts instantly to absorb and contain petroleum-based ...

Stormwater Solutions

by Granite Environmental, Inc

These stormwater solutions are designed to help you prevent stormwater pollution that might occur from various parts of your site. To make the process of stormwater management easier, a large variety of products are offered under different categories so you can choose the one that best fits your prevention needs and requirements.

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