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Tailings Management Facilities

by EPP Publications Ltd.

Tailings are fine-grained residues from the milling process, emerging as slurries that are deposited in ponds or lagoons, often confined by man-made embankments or dams. These tailings management facilities can present serious threats to the environment and to human life, especially where there is improper design, handling or management. Their ...;

WWTP Design and Operation Modifications to Improve Management of Biosolids Regrowth, Odors, and Sudden Increase in Indicator Organisms

by IWA Publishing

Available as eBook only The overall goal of this project was develop approaches to manage the issues of regrowth, odors, and sudden increase (ROSI) of indicator and pathogenic bacteria in biosolids.  The project entailed two phases.  The first phase was focused on filling critical research gaps that provided the fundamental insights for developing ...;

Handbook of Chemical and Biological Warfare Agent Decontamination

by Environmental Technology Publications Ltd

Chemical and biological warfare agents are threats to the military and civilians alike in both terrorist and conventional warfare scenarios. When materials become contaminated with these agents, they must be decontaminated before they can be removed or reused. This book is a comprehensive overview of the scientific research and development that ...;

Effect of Aluminum and Iron on Odors, Digestion Efficiency, and Dewatering Properties

by IWA Publishing

This study was designed to be a follow up of the WERF III (Adams, et al., 2007) odor study. It was found in the WERF III study that iron and aluminum appeared to play important roles in odor generation so some additional data was sought to determine the role these play in determining odor. In this portion of the study, the impact of iron and ...;

Reduction, Modification and Valorisation of Sludge

by IWA Publishing

The adoption of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive requires sewage sludge to be subsequently treated and the Sewage Sludge Directive regulates the uses and properties of stabilised sludge for being either recycled or disposed. Both directives drive specific actions in two complementary ways. Reduction, Modification and Valorisation of ...;

Fate of Estrogenic Compounds during Municipal Sludge Stabilization and Dewatering

by IWA Publishing

This project convened a team of experts in the fields of environmental engineering (AECOM), analytical chemistry and hydrogeology (USGS), and biological assay analysis (UA) to evaluate the occurrence and fate of estrogenic compound, and the estrogenicity of biosolids derived from wastewater treatment. Sludge and biosolids samples were collected ...;

Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems, Second Edition

by IWA Publishing

This new edition examines all changes and advancements that have taken place since the previous edition published in 2005. It outlines the planning, feasibility assessment, and site selection processes unique to natural processes as well as the basic process responses and interactions governing natural systems. It examines the systems in detail, ...;

Use of Nanoparticles for Reduction of Odorant Production and Improvements in Dewaterability of Biosolids

by IWA Publishing

Available as eBook only Odor production and dewaterability are two major issues of concern for many utilities during conditioning and beneficial reuse of biosolids.  Several studies have been performed over the past decades to understand the factors influencing polymer-aided dewatering. In the last few years, much research has been performed to ...;

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