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AMS - Sludge Sampler System

by Argus-Hazco

Recovering samples of saturated materials can be difficult with most core samplers. The AMS Sludge Sampler addresses this need. The tip of the sampler incorporates a one-way valve that allows material into the sampler, but prevents it from escaping by closing, as the sampler is withdrawn from the material. Made entirely from Stainless Steel, this ...

Sludge Sampler

by QH SERVIS, spol. s r.o.

SLUDGE SAMPler is designed for sludge sampling from pressure pipelines (up to 6 bar). Sample taking, including blowing of the supply pipe, is done by compressed air. (Air compressor is not included). Sample taking begins with pressurizing the sampling system to higher pressure than the pipeline and the detection of any leakage. The supply valve is ...

AMS Sludge Sampler Kit

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Stainless steel sampler is able to take 3ý diameter samples and features interchangeable auger and core tips for varying sludge consistencies. Unique butterfly valve helps prevent sample escape, and removable butyrate plastic liner permits discreet sampling, easier sample removal, and simpler decontamination. Kit includes: plastic liner, removable ...

Waste Water, Sludge & Slurry Sampling


The multi sampler is suitable for sampling open water, water purification basins, settling tanks, crystallization basin, sewage systems and water bottoms, for biological physical and chemical research.

Sludge Sampling

by Environmental Remediation Equipment Inc. (ERE)

Some of the sludge sampling products include: sludge & grease sampling, sludge level detector.

BioMonitor - BOD Analysers

by Liquid Analytical Resource, LLC

The BioMonitor from LAR Process Analysers AG is suitable for many different applications, e.g. for fast and reliable load ratio documentation of the influent and effluent of any plant with the aid of either the BOD concentration or the BOD load, for controlling the denitrification at the effluent of any plant by exact dosing of the waste water as ...

Coretaker - Core Sampler For Viewing and Monitor Sludge Levels

by Raven Environmental Products, Inc.

View sludge blanket height and see sludge color. Clarifiers, settling tanks, lagoons. Clear Polycarbonate tubes are 1.25' OD with black Ultra High Molecular Weight plastic (UHMW) coupler and automatic check valve. Coupler and check valve are individually machined to super tight tolerances. All components are ultra violet stable.

Water Quality Samplers

by ECM ECO Monitoring,a.s.

Portative samplers with cooling. Stationary flow proportional samplers. Self-emptying samplers. Samplers for hazardous area. Sludge samplers.

Sludge Gun Portable Sludge Level Detector

by Environmental Remediation Equipment Inc. (ERE)

The portable Sludge Gun® is designed to quickly locate the sludge bed in clarifiers and settling tanks. A probe is lowered into the liquid and high intensity bursts of infrared light travel from an LED across the probe gap to a photo transistor. A solid-state circuit then differentiates between liquid and sludge in the gap. The circuit is designed ...

BSA-Biosolids Analyser

by Senfit Ltd

Measures solids content of dried waste water sludge (cake) after centrifuge or other sludge drying unit, Delivery consists of a sensor installed to a screw sampler pulling sample from downfall chute after a drying machine, Operating range varies between 14 to 35 % covering most of the desired solid content levels, BSA utilizes same microwave ...

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