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Rotating Sludge Scraper

by VA Teknik i Borås AB

VA Tekniks circular sludge scrapers are traditional with either central drive or peripheral drive units, all depending on the tanks diameter. The rotating sludge scraper can be equipped with Siphon (mammoth pump) or submersible pumps. Some machines have a surface scraper which transports floating sludge to a cone where it’s forwarded from. ...

Scraping Bridge

by INTERECO S.n.c.

This equipment is installed in a rectangular reinforced concrete tank and allows to solids present in the water to settle on the bottom forming sludge. At regular intervals the sludge is removed to one side of the tank. The run is divided into two stages. During the first stage with forward sense, the scrapers in low position, clean the bottom ...

Chain Scraper

by VA Teknik i Borås AB

VA Tekniks chain scraper is a product which is very appreciated among staff that runs unmanned smaller waste water treatment plants in the suburbs with sedimentation tanks with sloping walls also called Dortmund tanks. The chain scraper can also preferably be used in sludge pits on larger treatment plants.

Rotary Sludge Scraper

by Mojan Engineering Co.

Sedimentation tanks are used for removing settleable solids and reducing the suspended solids content in wastewater. Mojan sedimentation tanks are circular and constructed with gently sloped bottoms (about 8%) and have sludge hoppers with relatively steep sides. A scraping mechanism is mounted inside the settling tanks for the collection and ...

Chain Scrapers


Similarly to longitudinal scrapers, they are utilised in channels with a rectangular section. Scraping blades are mounted between two chains, which, in turn, are fitted between the shafts and wheels at channel corners. The continuous motion of the chain actuated by the revolution of the shaft drive the scraper blades that clean the sludge settling ...

API Scrapers


For the scraping of bottom and floating sludge in petrochemistry/refiningprobig has accredited employees, authorised materials and longstanding know-how in API scraping systemsiso-, OHSAS-, TÜV-, SCC-, ATEX-certified

ASTIM - Picked Fence Scraper

by ASTIM Manufacturing Inc.

Circular Sludge Thickeners are designed and manufactured for consolidating and thickening of sludge from primary, secondary and chemical treatment units. Circular Sludge Thickeners are manufactured to be installed at pier supported or peripheral carried fixed bridges. Generally fixed bridges are offered for using in small to medium sized tanks, in ...

Chain Scrapers


For the continual scraping of bottom and floating sludge in treatment plants even when there is a high proportion of sand high-load chains and high performance scrapers for basins of up to over 140 m in length and 12 m in breadth

Mena Water - Chain Sludge Scraper System

by Mena Water

The most common chain scraper system scrapes sludge from the bottom and skims surface of the tank. A cross collector can be installed in the sludge hopper for transferring the sludge to the removal system. The rectangular scraper is designed to remove grease and oil and other floating solids from the surface of the wastewater and settlement tanks. ...

EUROPELEC - Scraper Bridge


The job of the EUROPELEC cantral drive thickener is to thicken sludge from municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants. It can be used in small or medium-sized installations. Effluent is channelled to the centre of the tank in the influent well where it is spread evenly and without turbulence over the thickening zone. The clean effluent is ...

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