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“Swimming Pool” Gutters

by COLLINET s.a.

Chlorine-proof : the “Swimming-pool” gutters are always made of electropolished stainless steel 316L.

Weda - Model W50 - Swimming Pool Cleaner


Weda W50 is a compact cleaner with a high cleaning capacity with rotating brushes and a pump that delivers 600 liters per minute. It can be equipped with a discharge hose outlet for removal of all sedimentation independent of size.

Swimming Pools

by YourSolarPowerHome.com

Heating a swimming pool uses the same general principles as heating your domestic hot water supply.  If your plot is big enough for a pool, it may be big enough for a separate free-standing system which need not be on the roof of your house.As a guide for calculation purposes, the area of solar panels should equate to between 30 - 50% of the ...

ENTA - Swimming Pools Treatment Systems

by ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD

ENTA has been constructing swimming pools which answer the necessities of sports, activities and entertainment places. Swimming pools are constructed according to construction and operating rules. The aim by obeying these rules is to provide homogen and continious water dispersion with best operation and constructing trustworthy healthy and ...

Exclusive Zone System for Non-chlorine Pools

by LIFETECH Ozone & UV Technology

Complete system for smooth and safe disinfection of pool water. High oxidation potential of ozone can be greatly enhanced by its combination with UV treatment or hydrogen peroxide dosing, i.e. by an approach known as Advanced Oxidation or Ultraviolet Oxidation. LIFETECH supplies its own LifeOX technology based on optimized synergic action of ozone ...

Faraday Ozone - Model M-series - Ozone generators for swimming pool application

by Faraday Instruments

Faraday Ozone is global player in ozone technology products and has product presence in more than 40 countries. Faraday products are successfully working more than a decade in many places. Faraday has good references for pool ozone system throughout the country and abroad. We closely work with system integrators suppliers of pool products and ...

Vigilec Mono Swimming-Pools V1MP For Swimming-pool Controllers

by Toscano Medioambiente S.L.

Control and protection filter system 18A 230/400VAC. Control and protection unit for any pump. Multicontrol. Protection against any failure in wiring to the pump. Single-phase. Direct starting. Supply voltage: 230 VAC. Overvoltage protection. Overload  rotection. Underload protection. Guarranteed against connection failures. Dry running ...

Model CN Series - Swimming Pool Heaters

by Valutech Inc.

In response to the rising popularity of salt water swimming pools, we are pleased to offer the CN series heat exchanger which are impervious to the corrosive effects of salt water. The CN series swimming pool heaters are designed with corrosion resistant cupro-nickel tubes and bronze end covers making a perfect fit for heating salt water pools, ...

Swimming Pools & Spas

by WEDECO - a Xylem brand

Swimming pools are not only a popular place for adults and children - viruses, bacteria, mould spores, algae and dangerous legionella also feel at home there. The WEDECO UV and ozone technologies are made for eliminating these unloved bathers. Also: UV light and ozone can significantly reduce the addition of chlorine (30 - 80 %) or even make it ...

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