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Characterization of Particles in Filter Effluents

by IWA Publishing

Although it has been nearly 200 years since the first known granular media filtration was used for potable water treatment, this Victorian era technology remains as perhaps the most important step in multi-barrier treatment of drinking water for the vast majority of the world. Despite this widely recognized importance of granular media filtration, ...;

Discolouration in Drinking Water Systems

by IWA Publishing

This book analyses the particle-related processes involved in the generation of discolouration problems in the network. To this end, new measuring methods have been developed such as continuous monitoring of turbidity and particle count, the Resuspension Potential Method (RPM), and the Time Integrated Large Volume Sampler (TILVS). With these new ...;

Asia Diagnostic Guide to Aquatic Animal Diseases - part 2 (En)

by Earthprint Ltd

Series: FAO Fisheries Technical PapersThe Asia Diagnostic Guide to Aquatic Animal Diseases is a comprehensive, up-datable diagnostic guide for the pathogens and diseases listed in the NACA/FAO/OIE Quarterly Aquatic Animal Disease Reporting System including a number of other diseases which are significant in the Asia region. It was developed from ...;

A Practical Guide to Particle Counting for Drinking Water Treatment

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

As EPA standards for water quality have tightened in recent years, the need to more accurately assess filter performance and improve the overall treatment process has led to increased demand for the high sensitivity provided by particle counters. One particle counter can give you more data than a dozen turbidimeters-if you know how to sort through ...;

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