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Myron L - Model DS And pDS Meters™ - Conductivity / TDS and pH for Professionals

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Conductivity or TDS & pH . No water supply is completely pure. Every industrial, commercial or natural source contains dissolved solids or salts. These impurities contribute to scale, corrosion, poor taste, and environmental pollution that endanger animal and plant life.

Hanna Instruments - Model HI-991301N - High Range EC, TDS, pH and °C

by DelAgua Group     based in Marlborough, UNITED KINGDOM

The HI-991301 high range meter offers great precision at high range to meet requirements for testing pH, electro-conductivity, total dissolved solids and temperature. Designed for optimum consistency and reproducibility the HI 991301 portable high range conductivity meter offers a great range of user selectable features to deliver greater ...

Jenway - Model 430 & 3540 - Combined pH and Conductivity Meters

by Bibby Scientific Limited     based in Stone, UNITED KINGDOM

The easy to use 430 is designed to readily withstand the rigours of field work, while reliably measuring pH and conductivity. The unit allows the simultaneous readout of pH, conductivity or TDS and temperature with switched ranges for both conductivity and TDS measurements.

Hach Lange - Model sensION 156 - pH/Conductivity Meter (Portable) with Gel-Filled pH Electrode & 4-pole Conductivity Probe

by DelAgua Group     based in Marlborough, UNITED KINGDOM

Hach sensION156 Meter provides multi-parameter confidence in one single instrument. •Measures pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity and Temperature •Includes Gel-Filled pH electrode and Conductivity probe •Slip-resistant keypad for resistance to muddy hands, yet easy to clean •Anti-glare coating for easy viewing •Backlit screen for ...

DelAgua - Conductivity Upgrade Kit

by DelAgua Group     based in Marlborough, UNITED KINGDOM

Upgrade Kit to enable the measurement of Conductivity with the DelAgua Kit. Also offers Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), pH and Temperature measurement. Upgrade Kit can be added to any of the DelAgua kit variants. The 1413 µS/cm solution is the one best suited for general use. This solution is also available in combination kits with the pH 7 ...

Agri-Meter Analogue pDS pH/CONDUCTIVITY/TDS Meters

by Camlab Limited     based in Over, UNITED KINGDOM

Myron L Model AG6/PH Agri-Meter Analogue handheld meter for measuring conductivity, pH and salinity.For soil and water measurement.The MY/AG6/PH/PSTK comes complete with soil test kit and pH buffers.

Analogue pDS pH/COND/TDS Meters

by Camlab Limited     based in Over, UNITED KINGDOM

Myron L A range of analogue pDS meters from MyronL for the measurement of pH, conductivity and TDS. The unique durable field tested design has evolved over more than 40 years.

Oakton¬ pH/Con 650 Meter with Probe

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.     based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

Connect a pH or ISE and a conductivity or dissolved oxygen probe at the same time to simultaneously measure your choice of pH, mV, or ISE and conductivity or dissolved oxygen! Other features include datalogging of up to 500 data points with GLP compliance, wireless IrDA communication for truly waterproof interfacing capabilities, user-selectable ...

Model AD8000 - Professional Multi-Parameter pH-ORP-Conductivity-TDS-TEMP Bench Meter

by Adwa Hungary Kft.     based in Szeged, HUNGARY

AD8000 is a microprocessor-based pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS and temperature bench meter. Relative mV feature is also provided. The autoranging feature of the Conductivity and TDS ranges automatically sets the instrument to the scale with the highest resolution.

CHEMetrics - Model pH, EC and TDS - Meters

by Galgo (UK) Limited     based in Berkhamsted, UNITED KINGDOM

The CHEMetrics pH, Conductivity and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meters are waterproof, portable, handheld devices, for field or laboratory use. They utilise an electrode-based probe for direct measurement of the sample, with a convenient digital read out on a large, easy to read digital display. They also feature sample temperature display, ...

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